Miracle doctor chapter 08

Chapter 8 “Basic martial techniques”

It took her three days to go from the first constitutional rank to the second rank! Then from the second rank to the third rank, it took her fifteen days!

Ling Yue’s astonishing cultivation speed was beyond measure and definitely not something the other members of the Ye household can compete with.

Even for the former number one genius Ye Huang Yu, when she heard her daughter made a breakthrough again, her eyes became stunned with disbelief.

By now she can only comfort herself by saying that maybe her daughter truly was a genius in martial art.

However, following Ling Yue’s breakthrough and the promise they made beforehand, it’s time for Ye Huang Yu to impart some basic martial techniques to her daughter.

“The martial techniques of Da Xia is divided into nine different grades, and the Lightning Burst Fist I’m going to teach you today is a skill of the lowest order, ninth grade. That may be so, but this move was also a unique technique created by our family’s founder. This set of fist moves are as strong as lightning and fast as a spark. When mastered, one is capable of emitting six rays of blue lightning when in use, hence the name of Lightning Burst Fist.” Knowing her daughters long yearning for martial art, she had long wanted to teacher her precious baby. However, due to the strict rules of the house, it’s forbidden to learn any basic martial techniques until one reaches the third rank of the constitutional domain. As such, she had no choice but to drag it out until today.

Ninth grade martial technique, it may be low but she doesn’t care.

In her mind, she only knows that when she fought with Ye Qing, the move he used was exactly this same one. But at that time, Ye Qing’s’ punch only emitted two strokes of blue lightning, clearly not at the level of mastery.

“I will first demonstrate the Lightning Burst Fist for you so try to memorize the movements while I do.” At that, Ye Huang Yu sweeps her arms around and began performing a series of leg and fist movements.

Widening her eyes, Ling Yue stared intently at her mother without blinking even once.

By the end, over six streaks of blue lightning were formed and the air itself began distorting from the impacting hits.

Her mother’s speed wasn’t fast or anything, but once it was over, she could only remember half the moves.

Nevertheless, as a caring and protective mother, Ye Huang Yu was very patient. Replaying the moves again for her precious daughter, Ling Yue finally memorizes everything.

“Lightning Burst Fist may be only a ninth grade technique, but if you can release six lightning streaks in unison during your punch, the resulting force can shatter a giant boulder. Since you are only beginning to learn, it’s adequate if you can remember the whole combination….” Just as Ye Huang Yu retracts her fighting aura, her voice croaked at what she saw.

Following her mother’s previous movement, Ling Yue slides her foot wide and began performing the same punch motions. It’s just that, by the time her first punch came out, a blue streak of lightning blew out!

The blue streak may have only lasted a short breath, but nevertheless, it’s still the preliminary stage of the technique.

“Only one.” Ling Yue frowns, very dissatisfied with herself.

If someone like Ye Qing can produce two streaks of lightning then why can’t she?

Hearing that complaint, Ye Huang Yu became speechless at her daughter.

The first time to practice Lightning Burst Fist and she could already produce a single streak of light? Against her daughter’s change after becoming normal again was simply too much for this mother.

“Haste brings no success. Practice a few more times and you will get there.” Ye Huang Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at this moment.

Just like this, both mother and daughter continued their training session until sun down where Ling Yue finally manages to produce her second streak of lightning. Seeing the results, the two happily went back into their home together for the night.

Meanwhile not far away, Ye Gu was standing atop of a thick tree branch, his complexion deep with thought as he took in everything that has happened.

By early next morning when the first ray of light has just broken through the horizon, a figure was moving about outside the northern manor.

As the person release her punches, the sound of the wind generated by the fist swirled about.

Swish… Swish… Swish… Swish…

Four streaks of blue lightning landed on an old tree trunk, charring it black in the process.

“I finally pulled off four lightning streaks, but the distance between now and the sixth is still far away.” Ling Yue wipes away the sweat on her forehead.

After several days of practice, her Lightning Burst Fist has finally made some significant achievement.

Like usual, her cousin Yin Shuang would come pick her up at the break of dawn in order to head over to the martial hall together.

“Ling Yue, your skin is so good, how come you’re not tanned like I am when we are both training under the sun?” Yin Shuang enviously eyes Ling Yue’s ever so moist skin.

Yin Shuang was fifteen years old by now. Like any other woman of this age, they would begin taking notice of their beauty.

Her facial features weren’t bad. Issue was, due to excessive training in the martial hall during her childhood, Yin Shuang’s skin was on the darker side due to a heavy tan. As a result of this, several of the brothers and sisters of the Ye family would sometimes tease her of being a charcoal head.

“I usually bathe myself in this herbal juice. I’m guessing it’s because of this reason. If you like, you can take some back and try for yourself.” Ling Yue generously smiles and handed her cousin a diluted version of the Vitality Condensing Liquid.

Not being polite, Yin Shuang happily receives the bottle and the two continues along to the martial hall together.

However, when the two sisters arrived outside the martial hall’s gate, Ye Qing and his cronies unexpectedly jumped out and stopped them, blockading the doorway at the same time.

“Ye Ling Yue, you got some guts to come to the martial hall.” Ever since Ye Qing received his injury at the hand of Ye Huang Yu, he’s been recuperating at home for the past month.

And as soon as he’s healed, he urgently returned to the martial hall to get even with Ling Yue.

“Sister Ling Yue is the daughter of third aunt, why can’t she come here when her surname is also Ye.” Yin Shuang forks her waist and puts on a bitchy attitude.

“How can she be considered a member of the Ye family, she’s nothing more than a little slut chased out by the Hong family.” Ye Qing laughs aloud, afraid others can’t hear him.

“You bastard Ye Qing!” Yin Shuang had long taken Ling Yue as a good friend, plus her righteous personality, she immediately lunged forward out of anger after hearing those mocking words.

Seeing the surface of her body giving off a thin layer of copper light, this was the clear sign of someone at the third rank of the constitutional domain.

In the face of the attack, Ye Qing unhurriedly scoffed a laugh. Then making a crunching sound with his metallic like bones, he smashes his own fist against Yin Shuang’s assault.

With arms and bones like metal; this was the sign of someone at the fourth rank of the constitutional domain!

No wonder Ye Qing had no fear. During his month of recuperation, Ye Qing’s father has been dumping relentless amounts of elixirs at him, thus allowing him to break through to the fourth rank of the constitutional domain.

“Fourth rank constitution!”

With this superiority, Ye Qing forcefully suppresses Yin Shuang’s aura.

Knowing things are turning for the worse, Yin Shuang wanted to retreat, but it was already too late.

At the critical moment when Ye Qing’s fist was about to land on her, two streaks of blue light bypassed Yin Shuang and aimed straight for Ye Qing.

“Lightning Burst Fist.”

The two streaks of blue lightning conjoined and formed a powerful wave of strength, forcing Ye Qing back several steps upon impact.

Ye Qing originally had the upper hand, but things took a drastic change in mere seconds. Shocked by the scene, everyone looks toward the source of the sudden attack.

Stunned by what he saw, Ye Qing had trouble believing the one whom attacked him just then was Ye Ling Yue.

“Ye Ling Yue, you dare secretly learn the basic techniques of the Ye household. I’m going to tell grandfather right this instance!” Ye Qing’s arm skin was burnt by the lightning punch just now so he didn’t want to keep pushing.

Even so, he’s not angry and became excited. According to the household rules, one must be of the third rank in the constitutional domain in order to have the right to learn any basic martial technique. In merely a month after entering the martial hall, Ye Qing was certain this girl cannot have broken through to the third rank; therefore, his mind deduced Ye Huang Yu must have secretly taught her daughter the technique without permission.

What a good Ye Huang Yu. He hasn’t dealt with the last debt yet and she’s already broken another rule. This time, he’s definitely going to chase this worthless mother and daughter pair out of the family.

“Ye Qing, other than running off to grandfather and your father, what else can you do? This Lightning Burst Fist was openly taught by my mother. She broke no rule.” Ling Yue sternly stated this.

“You lie, unless you break through to the third rank of the constitutional domain, otherwise you can’t have learned this move.” Ye Qing angrily replied.

“If you can break through to the forth rank, then why can’t I break into the third rank?” Ling Yue curls the corner of her mouth into a smile, her gaze giving off the meaning of looking at someone idiotic.



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