Miracle doctor chapter 09

Chapter 9 “The cute little pet in the dimensional space”

Why couldn’t I break through to the constitutional third stage?!

Ling Yue’s lofty words were no different from a slap across his face.

Ye Qing has been practicing martial art for years and only managed to break through to the fourth rank mainly due to the many Vitality Condensing Grass grown in the courtyard of his home.

Even if it kills him, he’s not going to believe this girl managed to break through to the third rank within a month’s time.

However, what she used just now was clearly the Lightning Burst Fist!

“Ye Qing, you are clearly envious of her! Compared to someone like you who’s been churned out by chugging money, sister Ling Yue’s talent is miles ahead of you.”

If not for Ling Yue’s intervention just now, Yin Shuang would’ve been seriously injured by Ye Qing’s punch. To her, Ye Qing can only rely on his father’s status as the manager of the ore quarry and their bigger wealth.

“She’s just a piece of trash. If she got the ability then she should come compete with me.” Ye Qing’s neck reddened as he raised his fist, ready to pummel Ling Yue.

So what if there’s two lightning streak. He’s a fourth rank in the constitutional domain. He’s not going to lose to someone a rank lower than himself.

“What are you all doing, do you lot not know the rules?! All of you must be itching for a beating to be making trouble outside the martial hall.” Seeing the friction brewing between the two, the trainer of the martial hall ran out and separated Ling Yue and Ye Qing.

“If you all like fighting so much then go fight it out at the clan’s assessment competition, don’t make a scene here. As punishment, all of you are to practice an extra hour today!” The trainer eyed Ling Yue and Ye Qing, indicating both to move along.

These kids are all masters and young ladies of the main family, so it’s just a matter of time before they become pillars of the household. In front of them, the trainer simply didn’t have any solutions in dealing with this mess.

The trainer’s words weren’t intentional just now, but the three listeners got different ideas compared to him, especially Ye Qing

In his heart, he knew there’s no chance left for him to make a move against Ling Yue both inside and outside of the martial hall for that Yin Shuang would always be there to escort her. In that case, the only opportunity left would be the clan’s assessment competition.

In the assessment competition, he will properly humiliate this mother and daughter pair. Only by doing so will he be satisfied.

When classes were over in the martial hall, Ye Qing once again blocked off Ling Yue’s path.

“Ye Ling Yue, if you have the ability then we will meet in the clan’s assessment competition. We will see whose rank is higher. However, looking are your meager strength, you will only be there to disgrace yourself.” Ye Qing clamored at her.

Hearing this, Yin Shuang desperately winked at her, indicating not to accept the challenge.

Ling Yue may have been fortunate enough to push back Ye Qing, but the guy’s after all at the fourth rank of the constitutional domain. If in real combat, there’s no doubt Ling Yue wouldn’t be a match for Ye Qing.

“If you want to compete then let’s compete, but what about the loser?” Ling Yue deliberately ignored Yin Shuang’s reaction and countered with a question.

“If you lose, then you must get on the floor and crawl three laps around the ground like a dog while shouting ‘I Ye Ling Yue is a unwanted daughter born from a bitch’.” As he said that, the people beside Ye Qing began breaking out into laughter.

“What if I win then?” Ling Yue’s face was brewing up a storm at this point.

“If you win, then a sow can climb a tree. If you can win, then you can state whatever terms you like.” Ye Qing was laughing so hard tears were breaking out.

“Alright. In this case, let’s ask cousin here to be our witness.” The two immediately sealed their bet by exchanging palm hits with each other.

(It’s like shaking on a deal but ancient chinese people like doing some sort of high five with their hands instead)

While the two was happy to go at it, Yin Shuang on the other hand was about to lose it from the urgency.

“Ling Yue, you are too impulsive. How are you supposed to catch up to Ye Qing in a month’s worth of time? Moreover, this is your first time and there are so many strong contestants in the clan’s assessment competition. He’s deliberately doing this to humiliate you and your mother.” Yin Shuang’s flustered face causes her to appear even darker than usual.

“Yin Shuang, you needn’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Ling Yue comforts her.

She’s not a presumptuous person. For her to dare take up the challenge from Ye Qing, a martialist of the forth rank, she’s bound to have some confidence. Besides, the Lightning Burst Fist she exposed earlier wasn’t her all, she held back.

She’s convinced that if she threw out four lightning streaks instead, even if she can’t win, she can still force a draw.

After returning to the northern manor, Ling Yue didn’t tell her mother of the bet between her and Ye Qing, but rather, she went straight into her room and began going over the scenes of her exchange during today’s fight.

Compared to half a month ago, Ye Qing’s strength did improve quite a bit.

Between the nine levels of the constitution domain, each three levels are a threshold. The first three focuses on cultivating the skin until its durability becomes as hard as copper, capable of withstanding most physical attacks.

From the fourth level to the sixth, this part consists of hardening the bone until one becomes capable of brawling with wild animals unarmed.

Then seven to nine cultivates the organs until it becomes difficult for sword and spears to pierce.

If Ling Yue wishes to fully grasp victory, she must first break through to the fourth rank, but things aren’t that simple. With each increase to her level, the time frame required between her breakthrough increases exponentially.

Lamenting over her situation, Ling Yue decides to enter into her “Red Mist Sky” and harvest some more Vitality Condensing Grass.

But when she did, she became stunned by what she saw inside.

What should’ve been patches of neatly organized healthy looking spirit grasses were in disarray. As pain overtook her at the mess, she suddenly found a pile of small white fluffiness among the grasses.

The little thing still hasn’t noticed the presence of the uninvited guest yet and was busily digging through the soil with those furry paws of his. And beside that pouting buttock of this creature were a pile of Vitality Condensing Grass around ten years of age, the oldest in this place.

There are animals in the “Red Mist Sky”?

Aside from being astonished, Ling Yue was also very curious. Carefully moving forward, she was just about to catch the creature when the little white ball dashed away in a flash, thus avoiding her grasp.

At this point, Ling Yue could clearly make out the little thing’s appearance.

So…. Sooo cute!

It’s a ball-shaped fox the size of a tea cup. Round and chubby with short legs and a short neck, this little guy was absolutely adorable matched with that pair of baby blues eyes. It also helped when the tip of its nose got stained with some mud from all that digging.

By the time the little fox noticed Ling Yue, this little baby revealed a flash of panic like he’s been caught red-handed.

“Little fella, do you live here?” Ling Yue stepped forward to get closer. However, the little fella was very careful. Before Ling Yue could even tell, the white fluff ball had dashed into the white fog. Unexpectedly, the speed this fella could run at was even faster than her mother, a master of the lower celestial realm. (somewhere in the middle of the constitutional domain)

“Aigh, he’s gone. So he’s been hiding inside the white mist all this time.” At the moment Ling Yue still can’t cross the white mist, thus she can only eye at it bitterly.

Then turning back to the patch of messy Vitality Condensing Grass, her brow wrinkled at first then loosened after a moment.

After a few hours, peace returns to this place known as “Red Mist Sky”.

Repeatedly confirming the female intruder was gone, the little white fox then came back out of the white mist, but this time, the field of spirit grass had been plucked clean and would take a whole day before new ones are grown.


The little fox’s nose wrinkled, his crying call filled with anger.

Suddenly, its nose picked up something, a scent of something fine. Sure enough, not far away was a bowl of fragrant sheep milk on the ground.


With a little uncertainty, the little white fox stopped at the sheep milk and sniffed it. Then without hesitation, it lifts its claws and arrogantly pushes it away before sliding back into the white mist.


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