Hello everyone, i need to bring up some news with everyone.

As of writing this post, i have come to the conclusion using wordpress is no longer possible for me. Aside from the very, very annoying changes wordpress keeps doing, their service is outright horrible.

Therefore, i’ll be spending this entire week manually moving everything over to bloggers. It will be very tedious on my end but it will also give me a chance to look over all the older chapters and maybe have a chance to do a rough re-translation of the older chapters to their proper wording.

When the new site is up and running, i’ll give you guys the heads up on this site again and of course, i’ll keep posting here for a week that will direct you to bloggers when everything is set and done.

I’ve been quite upset over how wordpress been manhandling their users over the past year, but this is simply the last straw. Why didn’t i listen to my professors in university back then. They all said WordPress is horrible, now i know why.