Miracle Doctor novel wiki

Character listed in their appearance order:

Ye Ling Yue – main female lead of the story. Retard girl regained her sanity after smashing her head into the black cauldron

Wang Gui – servant of Ye Qing that likes to bully the female lead.

Wang Qiang – Wang Gui’s father and a steward of the Ye family.

Ye Qing – main female lead’s cousin, also her bully.

Granny Liu – the old granny caretaker of the main female lead and her mother.

Ye Huang Yu – female lead’s mortal mother. She was abandoned by her husband and critically injured at the same time, hindering her recovery for years until Ye Ling Yue healed her.

Ye Huang Cheng – uncle of the female lead and the first enemy they encounter.

Ye Gu – the Ye family head and female lead’s grandfather.

Mr. Red Mist – the immortal alchemist and previous owner of the black cauldron in Ling Yue’s hand.

Venerable Poison Hand Jade – Red Mist’s lover and the founder of the ghost needles.

Little Squeak – Ling Yue’s fox pet.

Ye Yin Shuang – female lead’s older sister cousin. Daughter of the second uncle and older than Ling Yue by one year.

Ye Ning = a girl from the branch family who challenged Ling Yue at the family competition.

Ye Liu One – Ye Qing’s sister and the current most talented child of this generation.

Ye Huang Shu – second uncle and father to Yin Shaung. In charge of guarding the martial shrine.

Ye Saint – eldest grandson in the family and Ye Huang Yun’s son.

Ye Huang Yun – the eldest son of the the Ye family and the one to suggest Ling Yue taking part in the family business.

Master Lian – the evil Quasi Achemist who tried to kill Ye Gu at his birthday party. He’s part of the Immortal Alchemist Cult from the central plains sent to spy on the Da Xia kingdom.

Song Mo Shi – the house master of the song house.

Big Yellow – the vicious dog adopted by Ling Yue

Song Han – the second son of Song Mo Shi

Song Guang Zhi – the strongest of the young generation in the Song family.

Wu Chong – golden masked man that first appeared inside the volcano.

Mr Mu (yellow clothed elder) – the caretaker for the Phoenix manor.

Feng Shen – the drowning boy saved by Ling Yue, lord of the Phoenix Manor located at Zi Zhu street.

Ye Huang Xuan – fifth uncle in the Ye family and the one staying at Glass City year round.

Master Huang – the alchemist who got poisoned by the Ice Freezing liquid at the restaurant by Ling Yue.

Master Song – the alchemist who got poisoned a the restaurant by Ling Yue and eventually lost his lower half.

President Liao (Mr. Mo Chen) – the president of the alchemist branch inside Glass City.

Chen Hong Ru – the number one senior alchemist in North Qing

Master Chang – the fatty alchemist who came to receive Ling Yue when she first entered pagoda in Glass City.

Lan Caier – the woman in red and god sister to Ling Yue

Tyrant Three Fist – the hitman encountered by Ling Yue after the auction in the alleyway.

Lan Ying Wu – Lan Caier’s father.

Wen Ce – the steward to Lan Ying Wu

Sha Zhan – the young gang boss in the Mountain Sea Gang

Sha Kaung – the real boss of the Mountain Sea Gang and father to Sha Zhan

Hong Fang = Ling Yue’s mortal father and a very bad one at that.

Zhu Ge Rou – Hong Fang’s current wife and the one that caused Ye Huang Yu to be divorced.

Hong Ming Zhu – the eldest daughter of Zhu Ge Rou, she has a twin brother.

Hong Ming Yue – the youngest daughter of Zhu Ge Rou and Hong Fang.

An Ming Xia – the girl that own a share in Drunken Immortal and didn’t want Ling Yue to sell her monkey wine int he restaurant.


Names of places in their order:

Country of Da Xia – the country female lead lives in.

Autumn Maple Town – the town female lead grew up in.

Seven Star Mountain – a mountain outside of Autumn Maple Town where female lead finds the ape wine.

Grand Mist Sky / Red Mist Sky – Ling Yue’s dimensional space inside the couldron.

Qiaochu quarter – the quarter in which Ling Yue and her mother is staying in inside the eastern manor of the Ye house after being recognized by the family.

Northern Seven Slope Mine – the best mine on seven star mountain.

Treasure Assembly Hall – the fifth floor of the Profit House where people can consign items for sale.

Sophora quarter – the quarter Ling Yue is staying in at Glass City.

North Qing – the kingdom where Feng Shen hailed from

Dream Cloud Marsh – the marsh where Ling Yue will find the cauldron piece.


Names of families in their order:

Ye Household – the female lead’s mortal family

Song household – the opposing family in Autumn Maple Town

Hong household – Ling Yue’s EX-family from the father’s side, very evil.


Skills and materials in their appearance order:

Black cauldron – a magical cauldron that went into the main female leads hand.

Lightning Burst Fist – the basic fundamental martial art skill used by the Ye family, also a ninth grade martial technique.

Vitality Condensing Grass – the herb brought back by Ling Yue’s mother, also the first herb to be planted in the Grand Misty Sky.

Qingmu fruit – the fruit used for making liniment, a bruise rubbing alcohol

Hundred Fruit Monkey Wine / Hundred year monkey wine – the wine Ling Yue found in the deep tree hole and once refined, it will improve in quality.

Xuan Yuan Jade – the green jade piece dropped by Ye Qing and later snatched up by Ling Yue.

Heaven Sundering Strike – the technique used by Ye Gu to stop the fight between Ling Yue’s mom and Ye Qing’s dad.

Bone Splitting Claw Strike – another ninth grade martial technique, first used in the family competition by Ye Ning.

Xuan Yuan Jade – a low class spirit jade capable of gathering the Yuan energy in the air for the user when worn.

Xuan Yin Jade – a mid class spirit jade capable of gathering the Dark Yin energy in the air for the user.

Jade Flower Hand – Ling Yue’s first technique she chose from the martial hall

Sky clearing footwork – another basic martial technique inside the martial hall.

Red Yang Ginseng – the plant found in the volcano.

Ice Freezing Grass – the grass used to cause rust in the mine and eventually refined into poison by Ling Yue

Fire Viper Egg – the first poisonous item Ling Yue buys at the Profit House

Blue Patterned Xuan Yin Dan Pills – made by using the Xuan Yin Jade ores

Dragon Saliva Metal – the mysterious ore Ling Yue got from the Ye family treasury.

Hundred year old Aloeswood (incense wood) – the incense wood that appeared during Ling Yue’s first auction house visit.

Withered Wood Vine – the special herb needed when processing the Dragon Saliva Metal.

Five Treasure wine – concocted by using five different poisonous herbs and bugs together.

Moon Iron – also known as perfect Yuan Iron. This is the result of refining a yuan iron ore to its limit and creating a super Yuan iron.

Nine Dragons Howl – the sword from Ye Nameless. The materials required are as follow:  Ancient dragon’s blood, phoenix tail feather, nine leaf pearl clover, meteor iron, inner core earth fire, and a five element cauldron as the instrument.

Farsight Eye – the skill Ling Yue got from her ancestor through the jade carving. Ability to perceive the elements of living creatures and objects.


Monster names in the order of their appearance:

Metal Armed Ape – the big gorilla monkey that attacked Ling Yue during her mountain training.

Black Forest Panther – the first wild beast Ling Yue encountered during the mountain hunt contest.

Silver Claw Eagles – the overlords of the cliffs in the sever star mountain.

Golden Snake Earthworm – the blind snake monster Ling Yue met in the volcano cave. A fourth rank spirit beast.

Xuan Yin Jade Scorpion – the scorpion she encountered inside the well.

Female Ghost Spider – the spider in the marshes that gives the key ingredient for the Five Treasure wine.

Golden Horn Python – the snake encountered by Ling Yue when she went to steal the phoenix egg



Strongest four powers in Glass City

Governor manor – the home of the governor in the prefecture and is backed by the military.

Alchemist Association – the branch inside the glass city and controls most of the dan pill selling in glass city.

Profit House – the biggest merchandise shop in Glass City and acts as the auction house.

Gang of Mountain Sea – the biggest gang in glass city and enemy.



Energy types

Yuan energy – the energy used by cultivators.

Dark Yin energy – the opposite energy of Yuan energy, the evil and dark type like Yin and Yang.

Spirit force – the power used by alchemists to control their cauldron and stuff.


Alchemist class

quasi alchemist – lowest/

Alchemist – middle ground and is divided into 1 cauldron to nine cauldron.

Senior Alchemist – the highest rank. (Soul cauldron -> real cauldron)


Weapon classes

Heaven (highest)

Earth (second highest)

Black (third highest)

Yellow (fourth highest

Ordinary (garbage)


Dan pill grading system


Different Manual names

(Five Poison Manual)

(Red Mist Codex)


Cultivation levels by their order:

constitutional cultivator domain – There are nine ranks in this level and this focuses on cultivating the physical body.

lower celestial (Houtian) – the first step into cultivating the inner energy of a martialist. There are three stages: beginning, intermediate, and peak.

upper celestial (Xiantian) – the advance stage in cultivating one’s inner energy. There are three stages: beginning, intermediate, and peak.

Dan Realm – the stage after the celestial realm

Reincarnation Realm – the stage after the Dan Realm

Avatar Realm – the stage after the Reincarnation Realm

Void Realm – the stage after the Avatar Realm

ghosts and gods – the stage after the Void Realm


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