Miracle Doctor novel wiki

Character listed in their appearance order:

Ye Ling Yue – main female lead of the story. Retard girl regained her sanity after smashing her head into the black couldron

Wang Gui – servant of Ye Qing that likes to bully the female lead.

Ye Qing – main female lead’s cousin, also her bully.

Granny Liu – the old granny caretaker of the main female lead and her mother.

Ye Huang Yu – female lead’s mortal mother. She was abandoned by her husband and critically injured at the same time, hindering her recovery for years until Ye Ling Yue healed her.

Ye Huang Cheng – uncle of the female lead and the first enemy they encounter.

Ye Gu – the Ye family head and female lead’s grandfather.

Mr. Red Mist – the immortal alchemist and previous owner of the black cauldron in Ling Yue’s hand.

Venerable Poison Hand Jade – Red Mist’s lover and the founder of the ghost needles.

Little Squeak – Ling Yue’s fox pet.

Ye Yin Shuang – female lead’s older sister cousin. Daughter of the second uncle and older than Ling Yue by one year.

Ye Ning = a girl from the branch family who challenged Ling Yue at the family competition.

Ye Liu One – Ye Qing’s sister and the current most talented child of this generation.

Ye Huang Shu – second uncle and father to Yin Shaung. In charge of guarding the martial shrine.

Ye Saint – eldest grandson in the family and Ye Huang Yun’s son.

Ye Huang Yun – the eldest son of the the Ye family and the one to suggest Ling Yue taking part in the family business.

Lian Master – the evil achemist who tried to kill Ye Gu at his birthday party.


Names of places in their order:

Country of Da Xia – the country female lead lives in.

Qiu Feng Town – the town female lead grew up in.

Seven Star Mountain – a mountain outside of Autumn Maple Town where female lead finds the ape wine.

Grand Mist Sky / Red Mist Sky – Ling Yue’s dimensional space inside the couldron.

Qiaochu quarter – the quarter in which Ling Yue and her mother is staying in inside the eastern manor of the Ye house after being recognized by the family.


Names of families in their order:

Ye Household – the female lead’s mortal family

Song household – the opposing family in Autumn Maple Town

Hong household – Ling Yue’s EX-family from the father’s side, very evil.


Skills and materials in their appearance order:

Black cauldron – a magical cauldron that went into the main female leads hand.

Lightning Burst Fist – the basic fundamental martial art skill used by the Ye family, also a ninth grade martial technique.

Vitality Condensing Grass – the herb brought back by Ling Yue’s mother, also the first herb to be planted in the Grand Misty Sky.

Qingmu fruit – the fruit used for making liniment, a bruise rubbing alchohol

Xuan Yuan Jade – the green jade piece dropped by Ye Qing and later snatched up by Ling Yue.

Heaven Sundering Strike – the technique used by Ye Gu to stop the fight between Ling Yue’s mom and ye Qing’s dad.

Bone Splitting Claw Strike – another ninth grade martial technique, first used in the family competition by Ye Ning.

Xuan Yuan Jade – a low class spirit jade capable of gathering the Yuan energy in the air for the user when worn.

Xuan Yin Jade – a mid class spirit jade capable of gathering the Dark Yin energy in the air for the user.

Jade Flower Hand – Ling Yue’s first technique she chose from the martial hall

Sky clearing footwork – another basic martial technique inside the martial hall.



Energy types

Yuan energy – the energy used by cultivators.

Spirit force – the power used by alchemists to control their cauldron and stuff.

Cultivation levels by their order:

constitutional cultivator domain – There are nine ranks in this level and are separated into lower celestial (Houtian) and upper celestial (Xiantian).



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