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Character names: 

Cheng Yan (Roland Wimbledon) – main character. engineer that died and became the fourth prince after rebirth.

Borav – the assistant finance minister sent to aid Roland in his territory.

Carter – the knight commander by Roland’s side.

Tyre – personal maid to Roland.

Wimbledon the 3rd of Graycastle – the king of Graycastle, kept inside a underground prison and eventually met his end there.

Anna – first witch to join Roland and a flame user.


Names of different places: 

Frontier town – the territory handed to Roland during the competition for the throne.

Graycastle kingdom – the kingdom which Roland hails from.

Witch Cooperation Association- the association of the witch which first appeared and will eventually work for Roland.

Port of Clearwater

Valencia, the City of Golden Harvests

Longsong Stronghold – the place where the people of the border town flee to during the months of the demon.

Chishui River – the river connecting to the border town

Willow Town – the town which sends ship to the border town.

Shamin Kingdom – located southwest of the barren lands and is home to the Mojin Clan.



Items used in the story:

God’s Locket of Retribution (xun fun jee saw) – lock able to suppress a witches power.

Gold Royals – the money used in the story.



Other important stuff:

Months of the Demons – the period during winter when demon hordes come out to ravage the world.

The Gates of Hell – the supposed gate where all demons come from according to the legend.

Chishui River – the river behind the border town.


Scientific laws use in the story by their order of appearance:

  1. “Second Law of Thermodynamics: Heat can never pass from a colder to a warmer body without some other changes, or it is impossible to convert heat from a single source into useful work without causing other effects, in an irreversible or spontaneous change from one equilibrium state to another the entropy always increases.”




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