Miracle doctor chapter 07

Chapter 7 “Sale of the spirit grass”

Prior to entering the medicinal shop further ahead, Ling Yue made sure to purchase a veiled bamboo hat from a nearby commodity store before heading inside.

Once inside the medicine shop, her eyes were dazzled by the wide variety of herbs she couldn’t recognize. Naturally, the prices were also very expensive.

Seeing the new customer was a strange one that liked masking their face, the shop assistant inside didn’t pay much heed and simply left her be.

“I want to sell some Vitality Condensing Grass.” Ling Yue went forward and stated her purpose. As she spoke, she intentionally lowered her voice so that others cannot guess her true age.

Vitality Condensing Grass can gather the Yuan energy of heaven and earth. Towards the martialists of the third rank and lower, it’s very beneficial for their cultivation.

As such, any decently well off family in Autumn Maple Town would purposely plant several strains of this grass inside their courtyard.

Bringing out her inventory, Ling Yue places the spirit grass in front of the shop assistant – these were all harvested not long ago.

“We don’t take herbs of unknown origin.” The shop assistant didn’t even so much as glance at her stuff before dryly replying.

Seeing the disdain in the shop assistant’s voice, Ling Yue decides it’s not worth it to sell to those who don’t know good stuff when they see it.

“Customer, please wait.” The shopkeeper of the medicinal shop quickly walks over. Picking up a strain, this man carefully assesses the spirit grass in his hand.

Stems upright, the leaves thick and not a single wormhole to be found.

The more this shopkeeper looked, the more pleasantly surprised he became. Inwardly, he was cursing at his own worker for almost shooing away a valuable customer.

With the keen eyesight of this experienced shopkeeper, how can he not see the amazingness of these Vitality Condensing Grass.

This batch of Vitality Condensing Grass harvested inside the “Red Mist Sky” was of at least three years of age, some even going as high as five year.

After ten years of operating in Autumn Maple Town, this shopkeeper was a veteran of the field by now. Seeing the customer wearing the veiled hat, it’s obvious the other person wanted to conceal their identity. Therefore, he didn’t persist in asking for more information.

“Girl, forgive us for the many offenses earlier. These Vitality Condensing Grass, we will take them all: one hundred copper for a three year strain, two hundred copper for a five year strain, five hundred copper for a ten year strain and eight hundred copper for a fifteen year strain. If girl has more in the future, we will continue acquisitioning your herbs according to these prices. The higher the year, the higher the price we will pay.” The shopkeeper made an earnest face as he declared this.

Roughly calculating the profit, this batch of spirit grass alone can sell for several thousand copper coins which was equivalent to one or two silver. This may seem very little, but the monthly allowance of the northern manor only amounted to ten silver.

As she receives the silver, Ling Yue was secretly exalted for every few days, that mysterious space of hers can produce an entire row of Vitality Condensing Grass even after removing the amount she uses for refinement. This truly was a business with enormous profit at a low cost.

“Shopkeeper, I want to ask one more thing, does your shop sell medicinal pills of the fifth rank?” She asks.

“Fifth rank medicinal pill? Girl, you really know how to joke. How can a small little place like ours have something as valuable as a fifth rank medicinal pill? Even the capital city of the county would not necessarily have one for sale, and if there is, it would go for tens of thousands of gold.” The shopkeeper shakes his head.

Tens of thousands of gold?

One gold equals ten silver, one silver equals a thousand copper. At that number, how many strains of Vitality Condensing Grass will she need to sell to reach the needed amount?

According to her knowledge, the Ye family’s annual income was but ten thousand gold per year, add in the fact that the road between Autumn Maple Town and the capital city was far and wide, Ling Yue can only temporarily push aside the idea of procuring the fifth rank medicinal pill and leave the medicinal shop.

“Shopkeeper, isn’t that only some Vitality Condensing Grass, why are we paying such a high price?” The shop assistant can’t resist inquiring.

“Stinken boy, what do you know!” The shopkeeper knocked the shop assistant on the head, “Ordinary Vitality Condensing Grass can only be used for planting in the courtyard, but those three years and longer are totally different. Once brought to the capital city of the county and into the hands of those people, the price will rise dozens of times after being refined into spirit liquids.”

(The green stuff Ling Yue makes with her cauldron)

At that, the shopkeeper hurries to order his men in sending the herbs over to the capital city of the county.

After coming out with the silver in hand, Ling Yue wanders around the market some more with hopes of finding some new herb or seeds she can use. Sadly, her search went in vein.

Returning to the northern manor, Granny Liu quickly readies a tub of water for her to wash after building up a sweat during the training at the martial hall.

As planned, she removed her clothes and brought out a bottle containing the refined green fluid she made earlier.

After refining the Vitality Condensing Grass into liquid form, it can be directly used for cultivating the body.

Exuding a special aroma, she pours a drop of the green liquid into the water and causes a green rippling aftermark effect. With that done, she moves in to soak her body and closes her eye in relaxation.

For the past few days, the fast paced growth of her dantian had already stopped because the remnants of the medicine circulating in her body had been consumed.

But with this refined green liquid made from the Vitality Condensing Grass, she will be able to better absorb the Yuan energy in the heaven and earth just like before.

As the green liquid penetrates into her body, innumerable unseen specs of Yuan energy began pouring into her bone and muscles, even her veins became stronger as a result.

Until all of the Vitality Condensing Liquid inside the tub was absorbed did Ling Yue come out.

Before she knew it, half a month flashed by just like that. During this period, she never faltered in her training, nor did she forget to bath in the Vitality Condensing liquid.

In just half a month, her body went through an astonishing change. From her frail and thin build, her body grew like a newly sprouted spring leaf on a willow tree, high and full of life.

Not only that, her skin became as white as an egg shell and clear like crystal. Compared to her earlier appearance when she was bullied, it’s as if she’s a different person altogether.

As usual, Ling Yue intends to bathe herself in the infused liquid again, but after half a month of persistent use, the amount of Vitality Condensing Liquid she needs grew in kind.

Against such consumption rate, there’s bound to be the good and the bad.

The advantages were that Ling Yue’s growth remains very fast.

The disadvantages was that in recent days, the number of Vitality Condensing Grass produced by her “Red Mist Sky” could no longer support her consumption rate, let alone bring it out for sale.

Hurting inside, she pours the last bit of the green liquid into the tub and bathes once again.

Following the large amount of Vitality Condensing Liquid charging into her body, her dantian felt as if there’s fire squirming about in her abdomen.

Then rushing out of her dantian, the flames gushes to all corners of her body, jolting her eyes open as a result.

“Third level of the constitution domain!” Ling Yue jumps up while still naked in the tub, her black pupils flashing bolts of excitement for she has made a breakthrough once again!


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