Miracle doctor chapter 04

Chapter 4 “Miraculous Space”

Unsure how long she had slept for, Ling Yue’s consciousness was stirred by a constant itch at her nose. This unique smell can only be found after the washing of the rain.

Opening her eyes, she suddenly found herself inside a field of white and haze.

Then looking down at her hands, the Vitality Condensing Grass she expected to find had disappeared.

Instead, merely a few steps away in front of her were the precious Vitality Condensing Grass, planted firmly into the fertile soil.

She remembers it clearly. When her mother handed the plant over to her, it was already wilted and yellow from withering.

Yet things changed after only a nap. The stalk was strong, the color green with life and seems to be growing very well.

Walking a few steps forward again without clue, Ling Yue noticed a dark brownish rock protruding out of the side. Carved onto the surface were three words: “Grand Mist Sky.”

The strokes were sharp and deep that went several inches in, clearly the work of someone’s fingertip.

Continuing onward again, she wanted to see more but soon discovered she can’t due to the densely packed mist blocking her path.

This so called Grand Mist Sky place was at most 1 Li in size, who knows what lies beyond this area.

(chinese metric 1 Li equals 500 meters)

“Ling Yue, its morning, time to get up and practice martial art.” Her mother’s voice echoes beside her ears.

Reacting to the call, she opens her eyes and found herself gone from that mysterious place.

Unbeknownst to her then, a pair of baby blue eyes had been peering at her just before she left.

After coming back, Ling Yue first ordered her thoughts and remembered today’s supposed to be the day that her mother begins teaching her martial art.

Three days later when the morning light had just shone through the tree branches, a thin figure was currently circling around the outer premise of the northern manor of the Ye family. Packed with bags of iron sand to her feet, she’s been running for well over an hour now.

Ye Huang Yu was a very harsh person. On the very day Ling Yue became determined to learn martial combat, this woman immediately went to work in developing a set of strict training exercises for her daughter.

Every dawn and dusk of each day, Ye Ling Lue must run for an hour and practice breathing exercises for an hour. The reasoning for the specified time was because the Yuan energy in the world was most abundant at the dawn and dusk of each day.

This kind of high-intensity exercise looks to be impossible for the emaciated young girl, but on the first day she persisted and refused to give in.

Sweat beads trickled down to the ground with every step she took and a watermark would be ingrained into the soil as a result.

Despite her muscle and bones screaming wildly in exhausted pain, Ling Yue refuses to give up. In the end she ran for over two hours without stop.

With the first part completed and out of the way, Ling Yue crosses her legs and sat down to begin her breathing exercise.

(In case you guys don’t know why this breathing exercise is needed, it’s like a way for her to absorb the surrounding Yuan energy through the air)

Ye Huang Yu required her to run for an hour at dusk and morning, so she did as requested and more, doubling it to two hours of running and breathing exercise.

Although her memory’s not so clear, Ling Yu could vaguely remember it was due to the pill she accidentally ingested from that strange cauldron which opened up her mind.

In addition, the remaining effects lingering inside her body allowed her to gain exceptional results from her exercises. For that reason, the harder she pushed herself, the faster her body will absorb the medicine. If her calculations are correct, she should be done processing everything by today.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

Like countless bellowing mouths, Ling Yue’s mouth, nose, skin and even the hair on her body, was greedily absorbing the Yuan energy between the heaven and earth.

At the same time, Ye Haung Yu was secretly observing her daughter’s cultivation from afar.

She originally thought her daughter’s wish to learn martial art was nothing more than a momentary fad, but watching the unrelenting training Ling Yue did during these few days, this mother did not miss it.

This child truly wishes to practice martial art.

Ye Huang Yu understand her daughter’s temperament well. With a tenacious personality, the same as herself, Ye Huang Yu worries if this was truly a blessing, or a disaster in disguise. Complex emotions lingered in her eyes.

It was then at this moment Ye Huang Yu’s pupil twitched for a second because a red copper-like luster was flowing out from her daughter’s skin.

She recognizes it well. That luster meant the strengthening of the skin, meaning it will be difficult for Ling Yue to be harmed by ordinary punches or kicks from now on.

That may just be strengthening of the body’s skin, but that can only be achieved when someone reaches the second level of the constitutional cultivator domain.

A constitutional domain of a martialist was divided into nine levels, so, when Ling Yue broke through the first level before, this mother only took it as an accident.

Yet within a short span of three days, her precious daughter unexpectedly broke through again, this was by no means accidental.

After a full two hours when the last trace of power was consumed within her body, Ye Ling Yue opens her eyes and jumps up, her body bristling with energy.

“Why do I feel like the Yuan energy within my dantian has become more abundant?” Ling Yue asked herself in astonishment.

“That’s because you just broke through to the second level of the constitutional domain.” Ye Huang Yu smilingly walked over.

Another breakthrough, this time directly occurring while she was sitting crossed legged and doing her breathing exercise.

“Mother, that day Ye Qing used some kind of fist technique when we competed, I also want to learn that technique.” Taking advantage of her mother’s joyous mood, she uses the opportunity to ask for it.

Aside from being a woman, Ye Ling Yue was also a vindictive woman that loves to hold a grudge. Regarding Ye Qing’s grudge, she must personally return the favor.

“You just learned how to walk yet you already want run. The technique that Ye Qing used is one of our Ye family’s fundamental martial art skills, it’s called Lightning Burst Fist. According to the rules of the Ye family, only when you reach the third rank of the constitution domain can you learn it. Once you reach it, mother will teach you.” Looking at her daughter’s eagerness, Ye Huang Yu’s expression turned serious as she helped wipe the sweat from her daughter’s face.

I will definitely reach the third level of the constitution domain! Ye Ling Yue swore inside.



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