Law of the devil chapter 33

Chapter 33 “The World of Three People”

The news brought by the snow beauty had turned everyone silent. Feeling his heart going heavy, Du Wei frowned and began pondering the problem.

A monster that can not only easily swallow a dragon whole, it can also beat a mage of the eighth level along with her pet!

Du Wei left the two sisters alone and went to the seaside by himself, trying hard to let the cool breeze calm his upset mind.

Hmm, monster…… A place that suppresses magic… Unable to use magic… No food, no fresh water……

Du Wei sighed and murmured to himself, “Seems like that’s the only way…”

At that, he turns back towards the wooded area where the sisters resided. Upon his return this time, the snow beauty was having an intensive argument with Vivian about something.

Ugh, maybe the word “arguing” wasn’t the correct word here because only the snow beauty was talking the entire time. Basically, with Vivian’s stuttering issue, it’s simply impossible to start a war of words with her.

“You should have given me the damn goblin! You know what? That old man doesn’t even know where we are now, and you still expect him to come rescue you? Humph……”

“What’s the matter?” Du Wei walked over. Taking a quick look at Vivian, he can see how aggrieved this teary little girl was when she returned his gaze with those weeping red eyes, “No-nothing.”

“I say, what’s the matter with you two sisters? One is as honest as a young fledgling, while the other is as violent as a mother dragon.” Du Wei sat down and began stacking the branches by himself in preparation of a bonfire.

The snow beauty snorted. Although she was a bit annoyed by Du Wei’s boldness, but as her lifesaver and the fact that she promised to leave him alone, she can only suppress that temper of hers over his insolence.

Vivian glanced at her sister, then back at Du Wei, and eventually decided to shift her closer to Du Wei instead of her own blood.

Taking this all in, snow beauty made a disgruntled sound and said: “What a villain, abducting young girls.”

Not backing down, Du Wei promptly returned his own insult: “And you’re any better? Female robber who steals other people’s goods.”

Infuriated, snow beauty glared at him. Just when she wanted to go into a fit of rage….

Coincidentally at this time, a discordant sound instantly dissipated the snow beauty’s anger and momentum.

Goo……Goo Goo……

Du Wei couldn’t hold his laughter in anymore. Giving her an indecipherable smile, he looks toward the snow beauty, his eyes accusing.

Turning red, the anger on her face greatly subsided, leaving only thirty percent of it to anger and the remaining to her own embarrassment. Facing the shyness expressed on that face, this brutish woman no longer seemed so scary.

“Eh……That’s strange, did I hear it wrong, what’s that noise? Could it be the howling of the island monster?” Du Wei deliberately raised his voice so she can hear him.

The face of the snow beauty turned even redder, so red that it looked like blood could be drawn from them. Gnashing her teeth, she glared at Du Wei and whispered, “It’s…… It’s me!”

“You?” Du Wei deliberately widened his eyes.

“……” The snow beauty felt like her lung was about to explode due to anger, finally she shouted “It’s me! I’m starving! The sky is almost dark! Don’t you all need to eat?”

“Eat? Of course we do.” Du Wei lazily stretched his body and said: “If there’s food, I would most certainly want to eat.”

Meanwhile, Vivian on the side touched her pocket and started rummaging through its content. As the snow beauty popped her eyes, Vivian pulled out a strange black looking plant root. Whispering, she offered up the thing, “Sis-sister…… if you are hungry, you can eat this first.”

“What is that?” Cried the snow beauty as she frowned. Then without indication, she became furious and jumped up, scowling at Du Wei: “Bastard! This is the kind of stuff you let my sister eat, this plant root??!!”

Du Wei coldly replied, “Its fine if you don’t want to eat this, you can starve then.”

The snow beauty’s temper got deeper: “Asshole, couldn’t you just go catch some wild animal?”

Du Wei laughed: “Animal? If you can catch one then I will worship you as the almighty goddess. Oh great one, please, go for it!”

Vivian secretly tugged at the snow beauty, whispering: “Sister……This island, has nothing at all……”

Du Wei had already turned his body around, his voice unconcerned: “You decide, either eat this, or you can go hungry. When tomorrow rolls around and you have no strength due to starvation, I might take the opportunity to exact my revenge and kick you into the sea.”

Unlike any threat he can muster, this speech was more effective than anything else.

Grabbing the plant roots from Vivian’s hand, the snow beauty stuffed it into her mouth and chewed vigorously at the tough fibers.

The more she chew, the more she frowned. Never in her life had she tasted something so awful!

“My goddess, can’t believe a person like I…. is forced to eat grass. Am I a horse, or a cow?!”

She got angrier as she ate, but her speed also increased as a result. After all, her tummy simply couldn’t bear the hungering calls. Incredibly, in no time at all, the roots were all gone. The taste may be bland and unattractive, but she did find her hungering belly a bit fuller than before.

Looking at Vivian, she asked, “Is there more?”

“……No more.” Vivian looked helpless.

“……No more?” The snow beauty rattled from the shocking news.

What has this world come to! She can tolerate the fact that there’s no meat or fish, but she can’t even get a full belly from eating roots?

“Listen up.” Du Wei turned around, his sight cold as he glared at the snow beauty: “I think you need to understand our current situation!

We are on an island with nothing to eat and nothing to drink! Do you know the thing you just ate is the food ration Vivian saved from today’s forage? Do you know that in order to get that thing, I had to run around searching for the whole afternoon? And you? You just sat there and ate what you were given. You ate all of your sister’s food and you didn’t even feel guilty about it. Not even a little bit appreciative. Instead, the only thing you did is complain…… Let me tell you, if you ever feel hungry, you have to find your own food! I hope you won’t be taking other people’s food tomorrow. On here, no one is a noble, not you, not me, not Vivian! No one has to serve you!!”

Supposedly, Du Wei’s impolite expression would make the snow beauty very angry and his blame would shame her as a result.

However……the snow beauty looked at Du Wei’s serious expression and found herself unable to utter a single word to refute him. This weak young boy, supposedly she can knock him down with one kick, but at this moment, facing his blame, the snow beauty found herself drenched in guilt……Yes, its guilt! So guilty that she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

The first time in her life, the snow beauty suddenly felt that she didn’t have a single thought to face this kind of impolite exhortation. The weak young boy standing in front of her, his sight may be calm and indifferent, his body may be thin from the darkness, but to her eyes, he was as big as a hulking tree!

“I……I understand, It……It wasn’t my intention to eat all of Vivian’s food, I……” The snow beauty only managed to say half her sentence before tone grew so weak that she couldn’t recognize it herself.

Why do I have to give in to this kid!?

Du Wei gently smiled and turned around to look at the sky.

The fog has yet to disperse, leaving the sky without any stars to be seen…..

Du Wei sighed: “Sleep, we still have lots of thing to do tomorrow.”

He added a few branches into the fire, and looked at Vivian who’s sitting quietly on one side. Feeling his heart go soft, his hand automatically extended out to pat the poor girl on the head: “Silly girl, are you hungry?”

Vivian was shocked, first shaking her head, followed by an embarrassingly nod.

“Sorry, I’m the only man in here; supposedly I should be taking care of you.” Du Wei smiled bitterly: “Unfortunately, I am the one who makes you starve. Hmm, let’s do this, sleep for now, Imagine in your dream this island is a huge piece of cake and all the tresses around here is the candles. In your mind, you are laying atop of a sweet piece of cake…… Sleep, then you can have a big meal in your dream.”

Cake? Vivian eyes widened.

Du Wei had already turned his body away, but Vivian still had her sight fixated on his back.


Du Wei awoke early the next morning.

Accurately speaking, he was awakened by his hunger. Yesterday he only ate some nasty little berries. Sour and bitter, atop of the acidic feeling in his stomach, he ended being tortured the entire night by the gaping sensation inside.

By the time he opened his eyes, he found the snow beauty was also awake like him, her hands wrapped around her stomach as she sat there.

“Awake? Hungry?” Du Wei thought his words last night were a little harsh. In the end, she’s still a woman stuck on a deserted island. He can’t be too harsh on her.

“I’m not hungry!” The snow beauty shook her head, obviously lying. Then she asked: “Where’s the water? I need to wash my face!”

“If you walk out a little further you will find the ocean.”

“……You want me to wash my face with sea water?” The snow beauty was shocked.

“I’m sorry, we only have a limited water supply, just enough for drinking.”

This time the snow beauty didn’t argue with him, instead, she just sighed and walked towards the seaside.

In the morning, Du Wei once again went out alone to search for food. Unlike before though, the duration he spent scavenging was even longer for their numbers has expanded by one, meaning another mouth to feed. In the end, he brought back a bunch of plant roots.

The snow beauty didn’t say a word this time. Taking a share, she ate it straightaway.

Du Wei smiled “Hey.”


“Actually……” Du Wei suddenly found this woman not to be so hateful…… From what he sees, she’s merely a child throwing a temper tantrum. Controlling his laughter: “Although the food is plain…… at least you can wash away the mud before you eat.”


Seeing the woman’s face turning dark again, Du Wei immediately changed the topic: “Now that we are trapped here together, we are technically companions in the same boat…… Yet I still don’t know your name.”

Then, he stood up and performed a standard nobleman greeting by making a slight bow with one hand raised to his chest: “I am Du Wei Rowling; Son of Earl Raymond, current Patriarch of the Rowling family, Deputy Commander of the Imperial High Command.”

The snow beauty hesitated, it’s clear that she’s unwilling, but gave her name regardless: “My name is Joanna.”

Joanna……What a great name.

Vivian on the side looked at Du Wei and her sister, who are finally not arguing anymore, and added in another part: “You can…… you can also call her Jojo.”

Jojo…. What a weird name.

“Shut up, Vivian.” Joanna shouted, then looked at Du Wei menacingly: “Only my parents can call me by that name. If you dare call me that, you are dead.”

“OK.” Du Wei didn’t mind the threat, “Miss Joanna, now that we know each other, it’s time for us to work.”

“Work? What work?”

Du Wei pulls away his smile and said: “We need to find a way to leave here, and I have just the idea in mind……”


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