Overturning the Heavens chapter 213

Chapter 213 “Bai Yan is Here (1)”

“I’ve informed Mistress already. She’ll be back soon so don’t do anything out of place until then.” The tiger cub’s sigh was both powerless and weak..

It seems in the future I can’t leave the young master, otherwise something awry will definitely take place.

“Demon Beast?” Looking on in astonishment, Mu Qing Song gently wrinkled her brow, “I didn’t expect you to have something so valuable in your possession… No matter, it cannot go against my Music Valley.”

Music Valley?

Upon hearing this name, Old Lord Lan’s complexion instantly sank, This woman is from the Music Valley? When did Yan Yan provoke such a power?

“This lady, you keep demanding to see my granddaughter, but you won’t even state your reason. Now, why are you seeking a member of my family?”

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Instead of admitting her own fault, Mu Qing Song only revealed a ridiculing sneer: “I’m only here because I heard Bai Yan is Di Cang’s woman.”

Towards this sentence of hers, a sense of enlightenment quickly showered over everyone’s head.

So she’s an admirer of Di Cang’s….

“Little Rice, my baddie father sure is good at bringing in these unwanted flies. One look and its easy to tell this woman is another one of those who wish ill for my mother.” Puffing his cute little cheeks, Bai Xiachen was absolutely adorable in how pinkish his face was. “So, for my mother’s sake and safety, I will need to reconsider recognizing him as my father…”

Poor Di Cang, just because of this reason beyond his control, the road for him to win over his wife and child had turned into a treacherous climb as a result of this unwarranted event.

Swiping a flash of iciness across her eyes, the woman stares directly at the boy: “Did your mother not teach you any manners? If she didn’t, I won’t mind showing you what it means to be morally etiquette!”

Humph, as if I would be jealous of a whore! I’m only annoyed that another woman is pestering him.

“Meow.” Giving his paws a lick, Little Rice clearly showed disdain in his eyes when looking at the intruder.

By this point Old Lord Lan was starting to get anxious because he can clearly see the worsening situation around themselves. Without his son and the other men in the house around, they are no match for the woman. As such, he can only give his wife a wink to signal his intent.

Understanding what her husband meant by that gesture, the old granny immediately ran over to pick up the young boy. Patting his head dearly, Old Madam Lan thought her gesture would keep her great grandchild from being frightened.

“Before you came to look for my granddaughter, have you inquired about her identity yet? My granddaughter is the mistress of the Flower Brothel. If a fight ensues, there’s no telling who will come out on top. Are you certain you want to do this?”

Narrowing her eyes at the warning, Mu Qing Song’s aura clearly weakened somewhat: “Nothing but a woman of low standing, as if I would be deterred by a whore.”

But…. the fact that Bai Ruo would hide this fact from me is unforgivable!

“Hoho,” the woman in green sarcastically snickered. Wiping the trickle of blood from the scratch wound done in by the tiger cub, her eyes were full of ridicule and contempt as she spoke: “You actually think our Music Valley would be inferior to that Flower Brothel? Let me tell you, every female personnel in our order are clean and pure. How can those whores even be placed in the same category as us?”

Her meaning can’t get anymore more obvious there: The Flower Brothel are made up of dirty whores while their Music Valley are comprised of fairy goddesses. Even if the world are to choose one, it will definitely be the Music Valley!

“Little Rice, bite her!”



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  1. Hmph. So what if you are clean or you aren’t. You think anyone will want you with ypur disgusting personality? If I were a man, I would choose someone with unclean body but with good personality rather than someone with clean body but have poisonous heart. Thanks for the chapter desu~

  2. I really don’t get this ancient China view about a women’s purity and cleanliness when commonly men frequent the brothels, have several wives and a bunch of concubines and even mistresses outside their homes. I really don’t get it.

    • You don’t have to, there’s a reason it didn’t last. Wasn’t a nice place aside from in the stories

      • Honestly, even in the novels it’s not even remotely a nice place, the harem has been the root of trouble (or at least a contributing factor) in basically every novel featuring the system that I’ve read.

    • Because you didnt want to raise another mans child. In the end, determining who the father was is much harder than just watching a woman bear the child. A woman who is easygoing with her body might have been impregnated by someone other than her husband, is how I think most of the has-to-be-virgin stuff came about pretty much everywhere

  3. Go, Little Rice! Should turn this woman into a blood mess of a whore. Then see who wants these f*cking fairies. Music Valley sounds like one crazy kind of brothel.

  4. Oh for the love of! Girls, can we please stop trying to pretend we can’t for the life of us think of ANY reason why virgins would be celebrated in a society that lacks contraceptives, or disease preventing measures like condoms, or safe abortions, or paternity tests!

    I’d much rather we focus on how ridiculous it is that Mu Qing Song thinks that “purity” has any bearing on the amount of power held by an information brokering business.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  5. They might not be physically pure, but at least their hearts are clean~ Unlike some other people who think they can force men to marry them just because they have some status =P

    Di Cang should probably get rid of his suitor fast~ if Bai Yan gets here before he does, his road of getting lovey dovey time just becomes rougher =P

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