Overturning the Heavens chapter 209

Chapter 209 “Mu Qing Song (1)”

What a truly astounding piece of work.

There’s no doubt in Bai Ruo’s mind that Di Cang would definitely be moved by this lovely woman here. No man could, not even her own husband who has a decent number of concubines in wait…

“Miss, am I safe to assume you are the mistress of the Music Valley?” Perhaps it’s due to her injury, but that smile she was making was rather awkward likes it’s being forced.

“I heard you have information about his whereabouts?” Not to be rude, Mu Qing Song stops her act of sipping the tea and returned a smile of her own.

Making a nod as confirmation, a gleam of cruelty quickly flashes by her eye: “He is called Di Cang, a titled royalty of our kingdom. May I know why you are seeking him?”

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Still making her faint smile, Mu Qing Song doesn’t seem to mind the question at all: “I had a short encounter with him several months ago. Such a man, how can anyone forget after seeing him once…”

At the time she was in the middle of pursuing a demon beast with the other elders of the Music Valley. Just when they were ready to rake in the prize, that’s when the godly figure descended from the sky. Donning a purple robe with his silvery hair fluttering with the wind, it was impossible from that moment on for Mo Qing Song to forget Di Cang again because his image was firmly printed into her heart.

“Miss Bai Ruo, I will surely reward you greatly for informing me of his location. When we have our wedding, I hope you can come join us and have a good time.”

Startled by how open about her intent was, Bai Ruo wanted to say something to only come out with nothing despite her repeated attempt.

Mu Qing Song naturally wouldn’t miss the struggle of the woman. Furrowing her brow: “Is there a problem?”

“Your ladyship,” making a long sigh, “you are too late. Not long ago my sister Bai Yan who had gone missing for many years just returned.”

Frowning, the confused woman didn’t quite understand the meaning behind that statement: “And what does your sister have to do with him?”

“Of course it’s related,” her eyes looking like its in deep pain, “my sister had always been restless since she was young and would always cause trouble in the Bai House. Because my current husband wouldn’t have her, she had degraded into seducing other men in the wild till she became pregnant before marriage!”

Dropping her jaws in surprise, Mu Qing Song clearly carried a light of disgust in her eyes: “Are you implying the child is Di Cang’s?”

“Of course not!” Bai Ruo sounds like her words are the absolute truth: “I personally saw her in bed with another man so her child can’t be his. Just that after she came back, she’s been throwing herself at Lord Cang repeatedly, refusing to let go no matter what…”

Casting a careful look at the enchanting woman, Bai Ruo figured its time to make her move now. “I don’t know what method she used to fool Lord Cang into thinking that wild child is his son, but that’s the case.”

Going dark in her face, Mu Qing Song’s voice was still somewhat skeptical: “Even if what you say is the truth, it must be under the assumption that they got into bed at one point. It can’t be, they….”

“Your ladyship, I can guarantee you that child isn’t Lord Cang’s.” Lowering her eyes, a smear of ruthlessness gripped that face: “Years ago Lord Cang was drugged by his enemies. In order to absolve that poison, he got into bed with a random girl he found nearby. That person isn’t my sister Bai Yan, it’s my younger sister Bai Zhi.”


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  1. Can we be reminded again that her sister Bai Zhi was only 12yrs old when this happened?! Like seriously, ugh!

    Thanks again for the chapters!

  2. So she wasn’t the snake lady, huh.
    As an aside, I could of swore it was already established that Di Cang thought his son looked like a small version of himself. So all of this “No I swear it’s not his” slander doesn’t make any sense. It really seems like all our girl should have to do is point to Di Cang and say ” This is Di Cang. This is Di Cang’s face. This is my son. This is my son’s face.” And all doubts would clear.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    • AGREED!!! plus did u realize?!
      she´s practically saying that she´s already married to him just because she looked at him ONCE!!!
      according to her (not) logic the entire kingdom would already be married to him -.-

  3. These people have the most specious of arguments….makes me doubt how that country is run… (probably by geniuses kept chained in the basement…)

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