Overturning the Heavens chapter 203

Chapter 203 “A Business Deal (1)”

The fat bully was too stunned for words. Unable to do a thing, he can only watch the guards he brought along be knocked over to the ground one after the other.

“I…” Noticing the gaze directed at himself from Wang Deqiu (father), the fat bully quickly lost all form of arrogance and began to stutter: “My father is the crown prince…”

“I don’t care if your father is the prince or the king, if he can’t teach you properly then I will do their job for them!” In one sweep of his feet, the enraged man makes a stomp right onto the boy’s chest.

These people really take me for a pushover, how dare they come into my home and hit my son? I will show them what it means to mess with me!

Bursting out into tears, the fat bully starts sobbing with all his might: “My father said I’m the most prestigious person in this world because the animals bowed before me when I was born. You hit me! My father will definitely feed you to the dogs for that!”

Sneering at the threat, Wang Deqiu’s only reaction was a couple of slaps after dragging the kid up into the air.

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“Try crying again and I will toss you into the forest to feed the animals there.”

Shivering at the threat, the fat bully instantly ceased his sobbing. With a frightened face, Nangong Lin felt like he was facing a monster.

“What is master of the animals? You think I be dumb enough to be fooled? Go tame a demon beast for me to see then. Come on, go!”

These people are truly too ignorant. Merely one rumor and they are all heads over heels for it.

“Now scram, get out of my face!” First tossing the fat bully out of his estate, Wang Deqiu then casts a warning glare at the sprawling soldiers pretending to be dead.

In the face of that intense stare, these poor men could only scramble for the door with their lord in hand.

At the very same time, Bai Yan was currently giving off a half-hearted smile as she watched the whole thing unfold with her body leaning against the doorway. Since her help was no longer needed here, she figured its time she went home.

“Miss…” Suddenly, an addressing voice came from behind, causing her to stop in her footsteps.

“Is something the matter?” Bai Yan asked.

“Miss, you are Bai Xiachen’s mother right?” Despite his effort to show off a welcoming smile, it only came out as deceitful and conniving like someone facing a piece of fat pork ready to be consumed.

Unconsciously, Bai Yan found herself taking a step back like a frightened doll: “You know me?”

“Haha, Xiachen said it long ago that his mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. Since I saw you coming out from the next door, I took a guess and figured you must be her.” Making a hearty laugh, Wang Deqiu swiftly snatched his son over without minding the chubby kid’s own feeling: “Come on, hurry and say hello.”

Like his father, Wang Xiaopeng’s welcoming laugh somehow turned into a perverted chuckle: “Beautiful Auntie, I am very pleased to meet you.”

Following her brother’s lead, Wang Xiaotong also chimed in to greet Bai Yan: “Hello beautiful Auntie.”

She is Bai Xiachen’s mother! She really looks beautiful, the most beautiful person I’ve seen yet….

“I only came out to check on the commotion, nothing more. Since all of you are fine, I will be going back first,” her eyes were clearly softer at the sight of the children, “if you two have time, please come to my home and find my son. He really likes playing with you two.”

The chubby boy was glowing in his eyes. All this while, it had always been Bai Xiachen coming over to their home and not the other way around.

“Remember not to make trouble for your auntie there if you visit, understand!” Making a knock on his son’s head, Wang Deqiu didn’t forget to warn his son like a proper father would.


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  1. Wang Deqiu is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. I like how he doesn’t cower at the crown prince’s name and just beats the sh*t out of this snotty kid. Indeed, the one all the animals bowed to was not that fat f*ck, yet he wants to claim he’s special? HA.

  2. I’m starting to think that Bai Yan & Di Cang aren’t the only ones with serious secrets floating around.

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