Overturning the Heavens chapter 201

Chapter 201 “He is a Fifth Rank Alchemist”

The more he talked, the more the tears came rolling out of the elder.

How many years has it been?

For the young master’s illness, the Medicine Sect had exhausted everything to only come out with nothing. But now, this girl was able to cure it with minimal effort. No matter what, she will forever be the benefactor of the whole Medicine Sect!

“Just that, can I ask what sort of method did your kitty use?” A faint glow emulated out of the elder’ eye, “We’ve tried many things over the years, but all had failed at what you did with ease.”

“This…” Bai Yan’s expression became a little awkward, “That’s difficult to say.”

Startled, the answer was honestly outside of the elder’s expectation because the girl only had to say no instead of saying it in such a roundabout way.

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“Young Master?” Since Bai Yan wouldn’t tell him, he can only turn around for the patient instead.

Like Bai Yan, the sick man also showed a somewhat awkward expression: “I don’t know either. When I got into the room, the next thing I knew was that I fainted away. By the time I awoke, the wisp of energy inside my body was gone.”

Now the situation only got more awkward. Showing an embarrassed glow on her cheeks, Bai Yan only didn’t want to explain the procedure because she knew the man would refuse if she did….

That’s why she gave the wink to Little Rice when they left, it’s to tell the tiger cub what to do.

“That so,” the elder appeared disappointed. Because of this reason, he seems to have misjudged Bai Yan as not wanting to reveal the secret instead of just being embarrassed.

No matter though, what’s important to him was his young master’s health so everything else can step aside.

“I have here a written prescription.” Rummaging through her pocket, Bai Yan finally found the paper she had prepared earlier, “Buy the items on the list for me.”

“This is……”

“It’s to help your young master’s health. His physical body hasn’t recovered yet so he needs some pills to aid him. ”

Shocked by those words, the elder immediately spread open the folded paper to be completely surprised by the content. Frowning, he was perplexed by the recipe.

There are numerous alchemists in the Medicine Sect, plus he too was a fifth grade alchemist, but never had he seen such a combination of ingredients.

“Miss Bai Yan, what kind of medicine are you trying to concoct?”

“A Fifth Grade Vitality Rejuvenation Pill.”

Vitality Rejuvenation Pill was the by product of her research in improving the Biorestoration Dan Pill used by Old Lord Lan back when the grandpa was ill. The reason why the other pill wouldn’t be effective here was due to Bai Zhanpeng’s body, it’s much more severe.

“Fifth grade medicine?”

Compared to this never before heard of Dan pill, the elder was more surprised by the girl instead. Though he himself may be a fifth rank alchemist, but that’s due to many years of effort and study. While on Bai Yan’s side, she was no more than twenty, an age not even half of the elder’s.

A twenty-something fifth rank alchemist… this… is she trying to give me a heart attack?

Bai Yan made a face like she won’t be refused: “His body is too weak. Unless I use something of that level, he won’t be able to recover. Therefore, you must prepare over ten portions. With that much material, I should be able to create one hundred pills for him, more than enough until his body is fully recovered.”

Shuddering in his hands, the elder almost couldn’t catch his breath: “Miss Bai Yan, you say you can create ten pills in one pot?”

Bai Yan frowned, perplexed by the question: “At least ten per pot. But just in case, I asked for a bigger portion as insurance.

What? At least ten? Then what if there’s extra?

The elder almost couldn’t keep his head together now due to the astonishing shock from the girl’s statement. In his desperation, he had to keep reminding himself it must be a lie, an exaggeration!

In truth, due to Bai Yan’s closed off living style at the Holy Island over the years, her interaction with other alchemists in this world were limited. Even if she did meet a few out on her travels after leaving the Bai House, the numbers wouldn’t be very high, hence the reason why she’s unaware of how high her own alchemy was.

There shouldn’t be that many as bad as her own three shifus, right?



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