Overturning the Heavens chapter 199

Chapter 199 “This is my Father?”

“Relax brother,” patting his friend in reassurance, Wang Xiaopeng went ahead by himself like a prepared inmate heading off for the death road.

But as soon as the kid stepped through his home’s doorway, a powerful hand had stretched over to grab him by the ears: “Stinking brat, tell me, what sort trouble did you make outside today?”

“Father, gentler, gentler!” With a dead man’s face, the chubby kid pleads for mercy: “I didn’t make any trouble, I really didn’t!”

“No trouble? If you didn’t make trouble then why did you beat up the crown prince’s son?” Wang Deqiu (father) snapped back at his son’s lie.

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Talk about fast. Seriously, Wang Xiaopeng didn’t expect his father to catch wind of the news so quickly.

“Father, it’s that bastard’s fault. He’s the one doing the bullying, I only stepped in because I couldn’t watch anymore.” At that, the chubby kid puts on a grievance face, “And, my friend Bai Xiachen also had a hand in this. If you don’t believe me, ask him.”

Loosening his hand from the brat, Wang Deqiu suspiciously eyed his son: “Xiachen also had a hand?”

“It’s true, that bastard bullied Xiachen’s friend, that’s why I couldn’t hold back.”

“Oh? If even Xiachen is involved then it can’t be wrong,” giving a warning glare to his son, “in the future, you must follow his words. If he tells you to beat someone then go beat them, if he tells you not to then you mustn’t no matter what, understand?”

Wang Xiaopeng was flabbergasted at his old man’s order: “Father, why is that I can only make a move when Xiachen tells me to? Can you promise that you won’t hit me if I do?”

Not answering right away, Wang Deqiu first gave his son a giant smack before continuing: “Xiachen is such a good child. If he’s willing to beat another child then it must be the other party’s fault. As for you, you think everyone is like you that will attack others indiscriminately?”

This…. is my own father?”

The chubby here really had no tears left to cry, Why do I feel like I am adopted?

“Father, then the matter with me hitting the crown prince’s son….” Wang Xiaopeng cautiously asked, afraid he might take another beating from his father.

“Nothing but a son of a crown prince? So long as you didn’t hit him wrong then its fine.” Scoffing it off like its nothing, Wang Deqiu then turned the topic back to his son: “If you were half as good as Xiachen then we wouldn’t have had to leave the clan, nor be forced to move to this place.”

Afraid his father wouldn’t let him off once the ranting starts, Wang Xiaopeng was smart enough to sneak away while the old man wasn’t paying attention.

By the time Wang Deqiu had come to his senses, that small chubby figure was already long gone: “This brat, he really likes to be wacked!”


Back over at the old manor, Bai Yan was still busy reading her book in a leisurely manner, totally ignoring the unfriendly gaze shooting her way by the old elder.

“Mother!” A soft mellowing voice drifted over from the rear.

By the time Bai Yan looked up to search for her son, Bai Xiachen had already pounced into her arms to give the woman a heartwarming smooch on the cheek.

“I’m back Mother. And guess who I brought with me, Nangong Zhun!”

Pricking her brow, only then did Bai Yan notice the frail looking kid quickly running over.

Apparently Nangong Zhun was still somewhat uncomfortable. A bit stiff, his eyes revealed a spec of envy at his friend’s fortune.



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  1. Thank you!!! Poor chubby 🤣
    Chubby’s Father *beat his son*: you dare beat the son of the crown prince!!!!
    Chubby: It is because of Xiachen!!
    Father *stop*: Oh so it is good.
    Chubby : (Are you really my father?)

  2. thaaaaaaanks!!, poor kid, in the future, if he wants to be a king, I hope he really can be one.

  3. But somehow I think little chubby Xiaoping’s morals are much more righteous then Our little Xiaochens…
    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Wang Deqiu sure has eyes to see who’s the boss. You must have piss for brains if you’d take the Crown Prince over Di Cang. Of course, this Crown Prince is so retarded he thinks that he can just take Di Cang’s wife.

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