Overturning the Heavens chapter 197

Chapter 197 “Child King (1)”

“Where did this runt come from? I’m warning you, move aside!” The leader of the guards swiftly drew his sword and swung it at the kid.

As fast as that swing was, Bai Xaichen only needed to partially tilt his head to avoid the blade with ease. Pursing his lip, he appeared quite dissatisfied: “Mother told me I mustn’t get physical under normal circumstances, so, I won’t fight with you people. However….” Making an innocent smile, “I also have helpers of my own.”

Clipping his little fingers together to make a whistling noise with his mouth, Bai Xiachen didn’t need to wait long before a group of dashing red foxes came rushing down the street to attack the guards.

“Phew, phew.” Huffing for air, Wang Xiaopeng suddenly shoots his head around while still pressing Nangong Lin under his body, “Xiachen, your family actually have so many foxes?”

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Pursing his lips to one side, “Mother told me Auntie wanted a fox, that’s why I called for them. Since they were nearby after just arriving in the city, I figured they would be good for boosting our might.”

How can this be merely boosting our might?

This is practically supernatural!

Unable to close his gaping mouth, Wang Xiaopeng didn’t bother to hide his coveting eyes that’s twinkling with stars. “Xiachen, we are friends right? Can you give me one too?”

Contemplating the idea, Bai Xiaochen uncharacteristically shook his head: “That won’t do. I promised Mother that I will let Auntie have a fox. Once she’s done choosing, then you can pick.”

Not minding it in the least, Wang Xiaopeng was literally blooming in his smile: “OKAY! From now on I don’t want to be your brother, I want to be your follower! As compensation, you must give me a female fox.”

“Why a female fox?”

“It’s my father’s fault. He said because I’m so fat and stupid, I will likely not be able to find a wife in the future. So, I figured if I can’t get a wife, I might as well marry a female fox as a wife.”

To hear the chubby boy’s hair raising comment out of the blue, the foxes still scurrying around Bai Xiachen’s body instantly froze. In their haste due to fear, the female population in the fox pack swiftly made a dash to hide themselves.

“Wang Xiaopeng, look what you’ve done, you scared my foxes!” Stabbing his hands against his waist, Bai Xiachen gives his chubby friend there a friendly glare to show his discontent. Then as if remembering something, he turns his head around to look at Nangong Zhun: “Do you also want to pick one?”

Biting his lip, the frail boy slowly replied: “Can I have a tiger instead?

“Why?” Finding it strange, he quickly inquired for more info.

Beaming a bright light in his eyes, Nangong Zhun was surprisingly brave when he answered: “A tiger is the king of the animal kingdom. I too want to become a king!”

Going dark in his little face, Bai Xiachen refutes the claim: “Who told you a tiger is the king of the animal kingdom?”

What’s wrong with a fox?

Take Little Rice for example. That stupid cub can do nothing but succumb to my oppression.

Oh wait, that’s not right, it’s succumb to Mother’s delicious food!

“That’s what I read from the books?” Scratching his confused head, Nangong Zhun didn’t understand why his friend was so irritated, “Am I wrong?”

Flashing a devious light across his iris, Bai Xiachen suddenly came down with a great idea: “I can call for a tiger, but…. from now on you must say a tiger is inferior to a fox!”

Nodding earnestly, Nangong Zhun was very happy over the deal: “I promise you, from now on I will only say a fox is stronger than a tiger.”

Hearing that, Bai Xiachen finally nods with satisfaction: “That’s right, what tiger and lion, what dragon and phoenix? At the end of the day, all of them must squabble on the ground before a fox!”

“Yes, Boss,” Nangong straightens up his back.

Xiachen is so powerful so his words must be true.

“What is a boss?” Bai Xiachen innocently blinked his eyes, When did I become a boss?


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  1. … I… can’t disagree or agree with his logic since his father is a fox and no one wants to cross that guy….

    *holds head in hands* I feel like this is the wrong thing to teach though!

  2. Rupanya BX ini secara tidak sadar membela DC sang Raja Rubah dan dia termasuk setengah keturunan Rubah.
    Terimakasih atas bab ini.

  3. I feel a little bad for the foxes just being offered out like pets.
    Thanks for the chapter

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