Overturning the Heavens chapter 191

Chapter 191 “Music Valley’s Mistress (1)”

“My love,” exhaling a sigh, Nangong Yi painfully pulls his wife into his arms. “Do you resent me for not giving you the pill?”

Lowering her eyes to hide that sharpness, Bai Ruo softly replied: “Husband, you are both my love and my world, so long as you are well then I will sacrifice myself if I need to!”

Hearing how sensible his wife was, the foolish man became even more distressed in his voice: “Oh Wife, my dear love, how fortunate am I to have such a perfect wife like you. Rest assured, I will never wrong you in this life.”

“Oh Husband,” tightly holding her husband’s hand, “since my sister is no longer a useless person, why don’t we have her marry into the royal family? This way not only will it not be a smear on our reputation, it will also give you another woman to help serve you.”

Startled by the statement, the man stared intently at the woman in his embrace: “You are really fine with Bai Yan being my side wife?”

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If Bai Yan can really become his woman, that would mean the Flower Brothel will also be in his hands.

Only a fool would refuse such a good thing!

“Husband, so long as you want it, it’s fine even if it means I will suffer a little.”

If this was any other time, Nangong Yi would’ve vowed on the spot after seeing how pitiful his wife looked. But now, just thinking of that peerless woman’s appearance and the possibilities, he did not hesitate in the least.

“Wife, Lord Cang’s strength is so high that even my father is afraid of it. To steal Bai Yan from his hands, I fear it won’t be so simple.”

Bai Ruo was starting to get a little worried here after seeing how serious her husband was about taking Bai Yan for his wife. But words cannot be taken back once spoken so she can only push on.

“Husband, a while go I heard the Music Valley is searching for someone. That person… I know its Di Cang!” Soft in her voice, she utters this so weakly that it was somewhat difficult to make out.

“Music Valley?” Nangong Yi frowned.

When did my wife get in touch with the Music Valley?

Detecting the doubt in the man’s eye, Bai Ruo hurries to explain: “Husband, I only met the people of the Music Valley by coincidence a while back. They didn’t know the identity of Di Cang, that’s why they asked me for information… Just that, back then I was set on letting my younger sister Bai Zhi marry into the Cang Manor, hence the reason why I kept this a secret.”

Going gloomier in his eyes, Nangong Yi questions the woman even further: “Then do you know who exactly is it that’s searching for Di Cang?”

“I know, it’s the mistress of Music Valley!” Coming alive in her eyes, “Husband, if you send a letter to the Music Valley informing them of this, I’m sure Bai Yan won’t be able to become Di Cang’s wife afterwards.”

Going silent for a while, Nangong had to give this idea a thorough thinking: “Though the Music Valley is indeed strong, but they are still only slightly better than the Flower Brothel. This method isn’t going to work.”

“Husband,” trying to support herself, Bai Ruo raises a snowy white smile with that frail face. “Did you forget how she treated me when we first met? If we inform the Music Valley of Di Cang’s existence, my sister would no doubt break out into a fight with the other party considering her personality.”

In truth, the main reason why Nangong Yi was so disgusted with Bai Yan was because Bai Ruo had for many years slandered her elder sister in front of this man. Like a hypnotist, the more you say something, the more likely one will take it as the truth.

Musing over the suggestion, Nangong Yi finally understood where his wife was going with this: “So you want to let Di Cang become disappointed with her? And then through this crack, separate them?”


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