Overturning the Heavens chapter 189

Chapter 189 “White Lotus Flower (i)”

Bai Zheng Xiang widened his eyes in horror. Opening his mouth, he wanted to ask for mercy to only find his vocals incapable of making a peep. Not only that, even his fingers were unable to budge.

“Take it.” Di Cang hands a round beady object into the man’s hand. Against that tyrannical oppression, none can reject his words.

Now Bai Zheng Xiang can finally move his fingers. Trembling all over, he didn’t even want to know what’s currently in the palm of his hand. Nevertheless, he asked anyways out of fear: “Lord Cang, can I ask, what is this pill that you are giving me?”

Di Cang sneered, not bothering to hide his threatening aura: “It’s a pill to make you become a useless cripple.”

In front of that explosive comment, the man was so frightened that he nearly threw the beady little thing away out of reflex. Crumbling to the floor, all forms of strength had left his legs.

Sadly for this person, he didn’t even have the courage to drop the poisonous object.


Swallowing hard, he slowly closed his eyes to accept his fate and chugged the pill into his mouth with that trembling hand.

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Dan pills will generally melt away as soon as it comes into contact with a human’s saliva, making it extremely difficult for the consumer to regret afterwards.

“I have taken the medicine as per your order, can I leave now?” Slowly climbing up from the floor, only an ashen white could be found on the man’s face.

In the course of a single day, Bai Zheng Xiang looked like he had aged exponentially. Greyish white in his hair, black bangs hanging underneath those eyes, if one didn’t know better, they might mistake him as an old elder with that lumped back.

Now that the Bai family has lost their one and only sky rank master, it’s a certainty their fate won’t be very good. In fact, it can even be considered miserable. More importantly though, they had recently squeezed their supporting families for funds to pay Bai Yan back her dowries, meaning many will be more than happy to come make some trouble in the coming future.

“Let them go.”

Raising a faint smile, Bai Yan confidently walks up to her father and said: “It’s too easy to let you just die. So, I will have you experience a life worse than hell itself.”

Shuddering at the blunt statement, Bai Zheng Xiang once again closed his eyes in shear pain: “Do you hate me that much?” Even his voice was trembling as he spoke.

Isn’t there a saying of “parents always have their reasons?” No matter what, I gave birth to her and raised her, how can she be so cold hearted?

Bai Yan sneered, ignoring the plea: “From the day you only believed in Yu Rong and ignored me, you should’ve seen this coming. You don’t deserve to be my father!”

Clenching his fists until the veins were popping, it took this foolish father a very long time before he can relax his muscles again. By the time he came back to reality, it looked like a part of his soul was lost to him. Even as he was heading for his own home, Bai Zheng Xiang never once looked at Yu Rong again.

“Sister, what should we do with these people?” Coming up to his sister’s side, Bai Xiao peers down at the shivering Yu Fei and Yu Rong on the floor.

“Whichever hand Yu Fei used to hurt you, you can disable it for good!”

“Okay,” a sharp flicker of danger quickly flashed across Bai Xiao’s eye as he walked up to the cowering man.


Without hesitation, the usually gentle boy unsheathed his sword and sliced across Yu Fei’s remaining good arm, crippling it for good by severing the tendon.

After seeing this scene, Yu Rong was also stupefied from fright like her brother’s children. But unlike her niece and nephew who only knows how to shiver in one corner – trying hard to hide their existence – Yu Rong was more intelligent. In one roll of her eyes, she lumps down and pretends to have fainted.

“Hualuo, throw them back to the Bai House!”

Following this incident today, the Bai family can officially be knocked out of their status as a first-rate noble family in this kingdom!


It’s unsure when Nangong Yi left the scene, perhaps he didn’t have the face to continue watching, but as he was walking home, his mood remained very low the entire time.

“Your Highness, you are back! The crown princess wishes to see you, that’s why I’ve been waiting for you here.” One of the maid loyal to Yu Ruo rushes up to the man as soon as she saw the prince walk through the doorway.



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