Overturning the Heavens chapter 184

Chapter 184 “She is the Head of the Flower Brothel (1)”

Nangong Yi hissed a laugh.

He came relatively late so he missed the fighting scene, hence the reason why he thought the blood came from Bai Yan angering her father and not from a injury.

Now, to hear something so outlandish, he couldn’t stop sneering: “You are but a lowly prostitute, what can you do? If not for Di Cang’s blessing, you wouldn’t even be standing here right now. Just wait until that man learns the truth. I like to see him take you then!”

In the past he had still wanted to accept this woman as his, but now after witnessing this disgraceful display for oneself, he don’t even want her as his servant girl anymore.

“Ho, when did my Flower Brothel’s leading prostitute become so open to the public? Oh wait, do my place even have a leading prostitute?” A charming voice that can seep into the very bones came from the rear.

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Due to the hint of shivering anger mixed into that tone, everyone that heard it couldn’t help but shudder at the sound.

Now Bai Yan was really smiling with that smirk. Ever since she took over the Flower Brothel several years ago after saving Hualuo’s life, she had personally took it upon herself to remove the culture of differentiating between the weak and the strong. In her view, she will not allow anyone to look down at her people even if their jobs are held in contempt by the rest of the world.

A job may be low standing in society, but the person working it cannot be disgraced or frowned upon! That’s her logic and standard.

Opening up a path automatically, the onlookers consciously made way for the group that’s coming over.

“Lady Chu? Isn’t that Lady Chu from the Flower Brothel?” What is she doing here?”

“The woman in front of Lady Chu said there’s no leading prostitute inside the Flower Brothel. What does she mean by that?”

The people’s expressions were all that of confusion.

The fact that the Flower Brothel had canceled the existence of rankings inside their establishment was only known to those working there, hence the reason why the public didn’t know.

This was mainly the result of Bai Yan’s opinion and what she wanted to do with the place. To her, the Flower Brothel was no longer just a place for men to satisfy their lust and cravings for the female sex, it’s a place for intelligence gathering. Sure, the means were still using the female body to lure in the targets, but the main goal was information and nothing else.

Therefore, something like a competition will naturally be excluded and removed from her forces.

By now Left Guardian had also noticed the newcomers. Stopping his slapping hand against his victim, he slowly walked in front of Hualuo and respectfully bowed down: “Subordinate greets the Head of the Flower Brothel!”


Head of the Flower Brothel?

The crowd was stunned by this form of address. Startled in their eyes, everyone turned straight for the seductive woman standing there.

So she is the Head of the Flower Brothel, the one equal to the king himself in this country?!

So young!

Hualuo’s face was as cold as the tone she used to speak: “I ordered you to protect Sir Xiao. Why did you let him get hurt?”

Slightly shuddering at the question, “I admit my wrong. Please punish me for my failure.”

“It’s not me that will punish you, but I believe the one who will is too busy to care about you right now.” From those enchanting eyes, a flicker of frosty chill shot out as she swept her sight over to Bai Zheng Xiang: “Lord Bai, I’ve seen stupid before, but I never seen someone as stupid as you in my life. Honestly, you’ve opened my eyes today.”

Without so much as an ounce of evidence, this man would openly declare it before the public. If that’s not stupid then what would that be?

“Mi… Miss Hualuo….” To have the one he’s been trying to meet for so long insult him like that, Bai Zheng Xiang was having trouble talking. In the end, his words became a stuttering mess.

Before the man could come out of that shock, Bai Yan’s cold menacing voice was out again: “Hualuo, you came at the right time. Restrain everyone from the Yu family for me, I will deal with them in a bit!”

She…. is ordering the Head of the Flower Brothel?

When Bai Zheng Xiang saw how eager Bai Yan was at seeking her own death, he thought his opportunity had come. Getting up immediately with his spirit’s raised, he starts scolding her: “How dare you Bai Yan, who gave you the courage to speak to Miss Hualuo like that?”


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