Overturning the Heavens chapter 181

Chapter 181 “Young Master of the Medicine Sect”

“Young Master…” The elder’s voice sounded so helpless, “When the young lady went missing, she was also around this age. It can’t be her.”

On hearing this, the middle-aged man’s mood once again became depressed.

Yes, this girl looks no more than twenty at best. It can’t be her.

“But if it isn’t her, why would they be so alike? Go investigate her background immediately, I want her information placed before me by tomorrow! Uh-uh….” After saying this, the middle-aged man started coughing violently again, leaving a splurge of blood staining his covering hand.

Sister’s been missing for so many years, I can’t let any spec of hope to slip my fingers.

“Young Master…” The elder’s heart ached at the sight, “We should go back to the Medicine Sect. At least there we will have many alchemists to see to your illness. Not to mention Sect Leader, he….”

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Shaking his head, the middle-aged man made a bitter smile: “I know my conditions the best. Over the years, I have never left home due to this illness. With only a few years left, I want to use my remaining time as I please….”

If Bai Yan were to be here, she would surely be able to identify this man based on just the name alone.

There are three great sects in this world holding the balance of power in place: Holy Land, Medicine Sect, and the Misty Fairy House.

For the Holy Land, they are famed for their vast numbers of powerful martialists while the Misty Fairy House was known for being extraordinary and mysterious. As for the Medicine Sect, it’s as its name implies, a sect known for their medicinal skills.

In a similar way, Bai Yan’s three shifus are not on the best of terms with the Medicine Sect.

Of course, this wasn’t the kind where they must go head to head until death sort of way, rather it’s the exchange of skills type. Due to the proud nature of the alchemists inside the Medicine Sect, those people had the tendency to look down on outsiders who practice alchemy, leaving Bai Yan’s three shifus huffing and puffing from displeasure at their own inability to one up the other party.

For this reason, the three elders of the Holy Land swore they will find a peerless disciple to take back a win in their lifetime, hence there was Bai Yan….

“Uhh-uhh!” Weak and unresponsive, the middle-aged man looked like he’s about to collapse at any moment like a kite being blown away by the wind with that cough.

Worried, the elder hurriedly brought out the medicine bottle: “Young Master, why don’t you eat these medicine, at least….”

Not letting the old man finish, the patient had already pushed the hand away: “For me, isn’t living also a form of pain? Dying early may not be so bad, at least it’s also a form of release.”

“Young Master, if you continue like this while the young miss is missing, wouldn’t that leave your father living a very lonely life? And, you still haven’t found the young miss….” The elder bitterly advised.

Shuddering at the reminder, “That’s right, I still haven’t found my sister yet, how could I die…. Hand me those medicine then. The longer I live, the more chances I will have to see her again.”

More importantly, that girl may be related to her.


Naturally, the things occurring over on that side wasn’t known to Bai Yan because she’s too busy running over to her brother’s aid. When she arrived at the scene, Bai Zheng Xiang was currently fighting with her subordinate.

“Sister.” Upon seeing the familiar figure, Bai Xiao’s eye instantly lit up.

“Brother, are you alright? Sorry I’m late,” her tone was very upset when saying this.

Back when Right Guardian went to seek her out, it just so happens that she was out and away from the old manor due to learning the truth from Hualuo (Flower Brothel Head), hence the reason why she didn’t come right away.

“Gao Yi, move aside!” Her gaze turned razor sharp at the two fighting men.



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  1. So it is not her father but her uncle whom she met. I am sure she can cure him of his illness. Perhaps that will be the one up her three shifus have been waiting all this while.

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