Overturning the Heavens chapter 163

Chapter 163 “The Unlucky Princess (1)”

Di Cang coldly swept his gaze to the soldier: “What are you still standing here for?”

“Ughh?” Freezing there for a second, the poor man meekly replied, “Master, are we not going back for the fire?”

The flames were so ferocious that water alone cannot extinguish it. Unless Di Cang makes a move, it’s likely the whole estate will turn to ash by the end of the day.

“No need, the fire will not expand outwards. When the manor is gone, the fire will naturally disperse on its own.” Making a rosy smile, Di Cang was rather good in his attitude here: “As for the guards, have them all transferred over here.”

Just as the soldier was still left in a daze there, the stunning figure was already gone and mixed into the bustling streets.


Inside the palace.

The sixth princess was dozing away in her little nap when the door was forcefully knocked open. Rushing in were a line of royal guards.

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“How dare you!” Changing in her face, the princess slammed the table and yelled with anger in her voice: “Who allowed you people to barge into my bedroom without permission?”

Coinciding with that question, the guards fanned out into two rows to make room for a middle-aged man to come through. Donning a bright yellow robe, this person had a very sharp look when facing the girl.


Now she was dumbfounded. What’s going on? Why is father bringing these royal guards along to find me?

“Daughter, I heard you set fire to Lord Cang’s estate. Do you have anything to add to this?” Nangong Yuan didn’t look so good in his expression, but more than that, he’s very disappointed here today.

This daughter was his pride, but now the girl had the audacity to commit arson! Its one thing if she didn’t get caught and turned to someone she can handle, but she didn’t and screwed up. Now the man in question was demanding an answer. Unless he as the king deal with this properly, even the entire kingdom will be in peril!

Full of surprise in her look, the princess exclaimed: “Father, I never set Lord Cang’s place on fire. This must be a scheme to frame me!”

“Frame you? Humph!” In response, Nangong Yuan heavily threw the jade token onto the floor for all to see, “If its not you then why was your identity pendant found inside the estate?”

Looking at the jade token laid before her eyes, the girl’s expression instantly went white. In her panic, she scrambled to check her chest.

How can this be, and why did I lose it inside the Cang Manor?

All of a sudden, a certain little face surfaced in her mind. Erupting with rage in her eyes, the girl gnashes her teeth and explains herself: “It’s the kid, it’s must that kid who stole my badge token! Father, I’ve been framed, it’s Bai Yan’s son who….”

“You want to say that it’s Bai Yan’s son who set the fire?” Very displeased over her daughter’s demeanor, the king actually snickered with contempt, “How can you take your father here as a fool? Di Cang had already openly recognized the boy as his son, why would he set the place on fire?”

“This…” The sixth princess was stumped for a reply.

If it wasn’t that brat then how can my jade token be at the source?

“Enough, quit trying to lie about your actions! Lord Cang’s people are already demanding an answer outside!” Closing his eyes, the king had quite the pained look here: “Guards, take my daughter away and bring her to plead for mercy in front of Lord Cang!”

The princess’s complexion had completely turned ashen by this point. She knew arguing at this stage was pointless so she bit her lips and took to her knees instead.

“Father, regardless of whether or not I did wrong here, I am still a princess of the kingdom. Forcing me to beg for mercy from a titled royalty, how will the world look at you when it becomes known?”

Pa! As soon as her words came out, a heavy slap went flying across her face.

Covering her cheek, the sixth princess looked on with disbelief at the enraged man before herself.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter! After everything that has happened so far, hasn’t the rest of the royal family and other people in power realized that Di Cang is more than titled royalty?

  2. You know… the emperor has a good brain, somewhat. It must have irked the emperor to bow down to somebody, but how come the emperor’s children didn’t seem to inherit his common sense?

    • I agree… He seems to be one of the better/sensible emperor’s in CNs… a pity that he is canon fodder and his children are nitwits!… haha

    • I believe the emperor isn’t as smart as everyone thinks. Just that he totally has an idea who Di Cang rely is. He had called him the death god before more than once actually

  3. “No need, the fire will not expand outward. When the manor is gone, the fire will naturally disperse on its own.” making a rosy smile.

    😂 Lord Cang’s moving in, little bun make some room your prank just landed you a new room-mate. Someone’s tofu is going to be eaten tonight.

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