Overturning the Heavens chapter 162

Chapter 162 “Take the Fall (4)”

If anyone was bold enough, there’s only this one woman.

“What are you look at me for?” Bai Yan sends an eyeful at Di Cang: “I’m not the one setting fire to your place.”

“I know its not you, but… aside from you, there’s another person who has such courage.”

Jolting wide in her eyes, Bai Yan can pretty much guess where this was leading to…. It can’t be Xiachen right?

“Mother.” It was at this moment a small little body rushed over and flew into Bai Yan’s arms.

Raising his cuddly face, Bai Xiachen made a delightful greeting: “I’m back Mother.”

“Where did you go just now?” Noticing the gloomy face from the man across from herself, Bai Yan carefully asked.

Blinking with confusion in his little eyes, he sounded so innocent that it’s hard to question his sincerity: “I went for a stroll outside and met a certain princess along the way. After having fight with her, I then came back. Did something happen?”

“Its okay, nothing happened.”

Bai Yan gently rubs the little steam bun on the head and then turned back to Di Cang: “Your place is on fire, I think its best you go back first.”

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She must first push this dangerous man away so she can interrogate the little troublemaker.

“Alright,” grinning an unclear smile, “I will surely investigate this matter with the fire to its source.”

Despite jumping incessantly in his poor little heart, Bai Xiachen continues to keep up his false face. “Father’s place is on fire? But it was just fine when I last saw it.”

“We’re leaving,” Di Cang was cold in his voice as he gave the command to the soldiers that came to report.


After waiting until that enchanting figure was gone from sight, Bai Yan quickly skimped down to her son’s height and earnestly asked: “Tell me truth, was the fire set by you?”

“Who told him to bully you.” Puffed up in his cheeks, the boy looked absolutely adorable with his angered face.

And, if I didn’t set the fire, would the man have left?

Tightly biting her lips, Bai Yan showed a rather rarely seen stern expression: “Remember, if anyone asks you about this again, you must deny all involvement. Otherwise, I will send you back the Holy Island immediately!”

Di Cang’s brain wasn’t stupid, just a little thinking would be enough for him to deduce its Xiachen who caused the whole fire. However, it’s fine as long as her son doesn’t admit it.

Making an apologetic hug at his mother’s body, the baby boy sounded rather pitiful right now. “I won’t do it anymore, please don’t send me back.”

Pleased by her son’s attitude, Bai Yan was in no position to get angry. After all, it was for her own sake that the boy did it.


After Di Cang left the old manor, he did not hurry back to his residence as everyone expected. Instead, he stopped and turned back to the soldier behind himself. “Tell me, who else went to my place today.”

“There was no one else who came. However, Six Princess… she did stay outside for a while without coming inside.”

Respectful in his demeanor, the soldier carefully offers up a jade token with the letter “six” etched on it to his lord.

“This is the sixth princess’s jade token. Forgive my boldness, I suspect….”

“Six Princess? No, she doesn’t have that sort of courage.” Curving his lips into a smirk, Di Cang didn’t need to keep looking at the object anymore.

“Then should I go back and continue the investigation…?” The guard was literally pouring in sweat as he asked, afraid he might say something wrong here for his failure.

“No need,” Di Cang’s gaze turned sharp. “Take the token and go to the palace. Say it’s the sixth princess who set the fire.”

Completely surprised here, the soldier didn’t understand what’s going on. Didn’t his lord say the princess didn’t have the courage?

But before the servant can ask why, Di Cang’s cold and indifference voice drifted over again: “My son said it’s the sixth princess’s fault then it’s her, understand?”

Paralyzed, the soldier didn’t know how to respond to this.

The young lord? This matter is related to the little boy?

It can’t be, the fire was done by the young lord?!

And the young lord intends to pin the blame on the sixth princess? And now the man here also intends to have the princess take the fall even though he knows?



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  2. this father and son team is really scary. The son only did it to get rid of his father and the father went along with the program. Poor Sixth Princess, who asked her to be cannon fodder.

  3. Haha good combo of mother and father and son. Sadly poor xiachen will learn he is still inexperienced compared to the dad. I bet Di Cang will use this excuse to move into Bai Yan’s home permanently. Sp Xiachen got rid of the baddie for a few hours only to be stuck with him for life.

  4. Shouldn’t have been a bitch, sixth princess. Then Xiachen wouldn’t have stolen your jade pendent and you wouldn’t have been blamed.
    You know you were messing with Di Cang’s son… what did you expect…

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