Overturning the Heavens chapter 161

Chapter 161 “Take the Fall (3)”

Bai Xiachen extended his hand like he’s offering a treasure. In his palm was a jade token in which he stole from the bratty princess back when he deliberately pushed her.

Narrowing his tiger eyes, Little Rice accusingly asked: “Don’t tell me you intend to have the princess take the fall for you?”

“As expected, you know me the best. I guess all my effort of feeding you all my shit and piss when you were an infant paid off.” Proudly raising his little head, Bai Xiachen was utterly shameless when he revealed the horrific past.

Note: The shit and piss thing is an old saying in Chinese of how one used their sweat and blood to raise a kid. But the author here added in the “feeding” word to turn it into a joke.

Someone has to take the fall anyways. Previously he had always used his friend here, but now that there’s someone else, why wouldn’t he use them?

Stunned by the boy’s wrong wording, Little Rice attempts to correct the saying: “Don’t you mean I shit and piss to raise you, not I fed you shit and piss?”

“No, I didn’t say it wrong. Back when we first picked you up, my mother still hasn’t met my three grandshifus yet. We were constantly roaming around outside, yet Mother wouldn’t let us eat any of the demon beasts out there. Worst part of all, you were such a picky eater, not willing to partake in any of the fruits or veggies we had. No other choice, I can only feed you my piss and shit…”

Hearing this, Little Rice’s baby face completely went dark with a strong tinge of green in his face. Oh what to do, I want to run away…. How can they abuse me like that just because I don’t understand anything back then?

“Then why don’t I remember any of this?” Twitching in his tiger mouth, Little Rice’s voice clearly sounded soppy.

As a descendant of the great White Tiger race, how can he have fallen to this state….

“That’s what you get for being so dumb, not knowing anything.” Unhappy over his friend’s accusing tone, Bai Xiachen pinches his mouth to the side.

In this moment, the baby tiger really wanted to cry. How can you say that! Who in the world can be fully self-conscious upon birth and transform into their human form in two months?

“Ah! It’s getting late, we better move. Otherwise that baddie will bully my mother again.” Wrinkling his cute little forehead as soon as he noticed the hour, Bai Xiachen quickly scurried up to the wall once he figured no one else was looking.

“Little Rice, you go inside first.” Immediately scanning their surroundings, the little boy was overjoyed when he noticed a tree growing nearby.

YES! I don’t have to crawl through a dog hole again!

First allowing the baby tiger to climb up the branches, he then transformed and turned into a snow-white fox himself. Together, they easily bounced over the wall with a few jumps using the overcasting branches.

“You go that way and I go this way. We will move fasted like that.” After firmly landing on his paws, a cunning light soon flashed across those foxy eyes.

Shuddering at the order, Little Rice had no illusion over what sort of fate awaited himself if Di Cang learns of this.

But then thinking of his mistress, he can only resolve himself for the worse. In one dash, he flew out in the direction indicated by his little friend.


Back over at the old manor.

The man’s hand was tightly wound around the peach tree while his lips pressed down against the woman underneath him.

“Master, it’s not good, something big has happened!” Just as the man’s red lips were about to take its prize, a flustered voice from behind interrupted his good deed.

In that second, a dreaded gloom was hovering over that handsome face: “What’s the matter?”

Terrified to the point where the reporting soldier had to crawl due to the numbness in his legs: “The Cang Manor is on fire. We’ve tried putting out the flames, but its so intense that we couldn’t control it.”


Set fire to my estate?

Now this was very strange for Di Cang. He knows for a fact that none in this kingdom would dare have the audacity to pull off such a deed.

All of a sudden, the handsome gaze shifted back to Bai Yan. His lips curling into a divine smirk.



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