Overturning the Heavens chapter 151

Chapter 151 “Sudden Tenderness (2)”

“Little Princess, I feel like they are more like flirting there…..” One of the girl’s entourage shakily states his mind.

Turning around to glare at the person, Chu Yi Yi grumpily rebukes the claim: “Have you ever seen someone say they will lop off your hands when flirting? Don’t forget, all of you are part of the Holy Land. If you are going to support someone, it has to be my brother. I don’t care, go prepare the paper and inks for me. I’m going to write a letter to my brother and warn him.”

Although Bai Yan had warned her not to divulge the situation to anyone, but things are getting too serious.

“Huh? But the young lord is currently in closed door training…” One of the guards timidly reminded the girl.

Annoyed by the constant irritation, Chu Yi Yi directly sends a slap onto the unlucky guy’s head: “Xiachen has been discovered and my future sister-in-law is about to be stolen! What the heck is he still training for?!”

Scared to the point of not daring to talk back, the guards knew the girl cannot be stopped once she’s decided on something. Unfortunately, they seems to have forgotten one crucial fact. Unless the man in question decides to come out of his own volition, the letter won’t be able to reach him!

Considering Chu Yi Yi’s IQ, there’s no way the girl would think of this flaw in her plan. As such, when Chi Feng Yi finally got the chance to read the message, things were already too late.


In the backyard where the fake mountain stood, Bai Yan was currently having a tough time dealing with a certain persistent man that just won’t go away. “I’ve already allowed Xiachen to admit your status as his father, why do you keep coming to find me?”

Snickering a laugh, Di Cang sounded very devious in the way he talked: “You raped me, for that, our relationship will forever be tied together in this life!”

Steaming to the point where she didn’t know how to reply, Bai Yan could only take it because it’s as the man said. Back then it was she her raped him.

“Bai Yan, our son can only have me as his father, and you can only have me as your man!” Closing in, Di Cang overbearingly pinches that delicate chin so it can’t escape, “I already promised you that I won’t take our son away. For that, you must become my wife.”

“Also, the part about having one partner for a lifetime, I can give you that too!”

One partner for a lifetime, I can give you that too!

Despite shaking in her fingers, Bai Yan’s expression didn’t change in the least like the proud statement didn’t effect her.

Seeing this, Di Cang loosened his hand and said: “It’s fine if you don’t accept me now, I can give you time. However, until then, I will continue to make you pay for your debt.”

Raising her head, Bai Yan was just about to say something again when the man’s lip came pressing down without her permission. Then in order to not let her escape, Di Cang’s arms quickly wrapped itself around her waist and back, forcing those sizable mounds to meet his body.

The kiss was very long and deep, so long that Bai Yan had to forcefully bite that tongue before it would relent, “My dear Yan Yan, your lips are magical you know that. I’m truly entranced by them that I can’t even hold back anymore…”

“Scram!” Livid with anger, Bai Yan shouts this aloud.

Did the man come here just to kiss me?

Unlike his previous meetings, Di Cang was surprisingly good this time. Using his fingers to comb through those long black hair, he then gently left a gentle kiss on her forehead. “You still owe me six kisses. Be good and wait for me to collect the rest.”

Shuddering at the gesture, Bai Yan was pretty much accustomed to being forced at this point. But to be treated so gently, this was definitely a first for her…

Just as she wanted to speak out again, Di Cang’s figure was already gone, leaving nothing behind but the cool breeze of the night.



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