Overturning the Heavens chapter 150

Chapter 150 “Sudden Tenderness (1)”

Suddenly, a fierce wind came blowing over and scratched Chu Yi Yi’s cheek. Unable to take that intensity, she inexplicably took a step back, “Who!”

Next second later, the young maiden was stunned.

Appearing before her eyes was an enchanting man with silvery hair and a magical charm to that face.

Prior to this day, Chu Yi Yi had always thought her brother was the world’s number one most beautiful man, but the one here was in no way inferior. One was gentle and kind while this one here gave off a seductively dangerous air, the polar opposite of her brother.

Then seeing that clutching hand on Bai Yan’s waist, all bells were ringing inside Chu Yi Yi’s head. “You let go of her!”

Towards that demand, Di Cang’s brow started to wrinkle.

Not missing that change, Bai Yan hurriedly explained: “Yi Yi is my younger sister.”

Younger sister?

Giving the woman in his possession a suspicious look, he nevertheless retracted his oppressive aura.

“How come I never knew you had another sister?” Taking advantage of the moment, he gently grabs her hand like how a couple would.

Swiftly stomping her feet out of urgency, Chu Yi Yi somehow manages to catch their attention again with her maneuver.

“He is Di Cang.” Bai Yan explains.


Popping her eyes, This stinking perverted man is Xiachen’s biological father? The very same powerful person from the letter?

Contrary to her original aggressive stance, Chu Yi Yi suddenly collapsed and shrank her neck in….

Hey brother, it’s not me not wanting to help you, it’s the enemy being too strong!

“Bai Yan.” No longer looking at the new girl, Di Cang instead takes a nibble at Bai Yan’s ear, “Don’t you think its time we had a little chat?”

Although he did not exert any strength, but the warm tickling sensation of that tongue was more than enough to give her a jolting fright.

Almost without hesitation, she swiftly escaped that imprisonment and sent a punch straight into that handsome face.

But just as her fist was about to land, a powerful hand instead caught it.

“Do you not like your beautiful little hand?” Stroking the backside of that fair skin, a flickering light of dangerous intent beams out of the man’s eye: “If you don’t want it then I won’t mind cutting it off for my collection.”

Going dark in the face: “Tell me, what else do you know other than saying you want to chop off my hands and feet?”

Forcing a few steps in, Di Cang does a smirking reply: “I can also do you if you like…”

Now Bai Yan’s expression was even uglier. From the day she met this man, whether it be a simple conversation or argument, it would always devolve into something so amazingly repulsive and dirty. Does he know nothing else other than to get under my skin?

“Yi Yi,” Giving the irritating man a glare, she turns back to her friend. “You go rest first. There’s many rooms here so pick whichever one you like.”

Nodding her head blankly, the girl only came back to her senses after Bai Yan dragged Di Cang away….

“Little Princess.” The white guards quickly gathered around, their looks concerned and full of worry.

“The man’s strength is very high. I know I can’t do anything to help like this,” her face seemingly struggling to come to terms with something. “And… he just bullied Bai Yan right in front of us. I bet there must be so much grievances that we don’t know about.”

Seriously, who would randomly say they will cut off a hand or feet at every opportunity? Talk about being a brute, totally unlike my brother who is kind and gentle.  



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