Overturning the Heavens chapter 149

Chapter 149 “The Dead Man is Here Again (3)”

Chu Yi Yi’s body was trembling with anger.

She, the pampered princess of the Holy Land, had always been treated with the upmost respect, never had she been exposed to such grief!

This Bai Zheng Xiang… actually say I don’t have any right to cut in?

“Have you all left yet? If not, then I order all of you to capture this man!”

Exactly when Chu Yi Yi blurts her command out, the guards that’s part of her entourage immediately came out of hiding. Despite their silence, those faces clearly had an awkward expression to them. Although they knew that with Bai Yan here, the princess will surely not be in any danger. However, that doesn’t excuse them from returning to the Holy Land on their own.

But to be discovered by the little princess so easily….


Bai Zheng Xiang was full of anger in his eyes. Just when he wanted to yell out, two of the men in white quickly stepped forward and locked his arms from both sides.

Under the shackling gesture, Bai Zheng Xiang was horrified in the next instant when he wanted free himself. It appears his power had been sealed.

“Bai Yan, you won’t get mad at me for teaching your father a lesson right?” Blinking her innocent yet devilish eyes, Chu Yi Yi asked with worry in her tone.

Pricking her brow: “He has nothing to do with me. As long as you don’t kill him then its all fine with me.”

If her friend here intends to use her entourage then she might as well sit back and watch instead of making a move herself.

“Great!” Happily clapping her hands together like an excited child, the young maiden then points to another one of her protectors: “You two start slapping him!”

“Yes, Little Princess.”


Bai Zheng Xiang widened his eyes in shock, Is this girl a princess of some kingdom?

This time I really am careless, to think I would bump heads with a princess!

PA~! Without hesitation, the guards sends a direct slap across the man’s face.

As a result of the intense force, that mouth quickly began seeping blood from the corner. Despite the anger boiling up inside, Bai Zheng Xiang didn’t dare direct it at the young maiden; instead, it was directed at Bai Yan.

And here I was feeling guilty about this girl. I should’ve strangled her when she was born, then none of this would’ve ever occurred!

“Bai Yan, I am your father, you having other people hit me is a sin, a big sin. The heavens will punish you for this!”

There’s a seniority to things. Regardless of the mistake the elders make, the younger generation has no right to take revenge! For people like Bai Yan who would hit their own father, only misfortune awaits. Well, that’s the sort of logic running through the man’s head anyways. Whether its right or wrong, that’s definitely up for debate.

“And, so what if Zhi likes Lord Cang? What’s wrong with that? You are the elder sister so it’s only right that you yield to your younger sister!”


Afraid the man might say more infuriating words, the guard responsible for the punishment hastened his slaps and attacked from both left and right. No different from a machine gun with his hands, Bai Zheng Xiang’s outcome for his dirty mouth was a bruised pig face, thus forcing him to shut up completely.

“Step aside!” Dark in her expression, Bai Yan coldly orders.

Slightly stunned by the command, the white guards only took a second to do as told. With a path opened now, Bai Yan slowly came up to this man that’s supposedly her father.

Then without indication, she suddenly lifted her foot and makes a mega stomp onto that chest, sending the bruised face man flying out a dozen meters as a result. When that body finally came down again, Bai Zheng Xiang was already out on the main street with a bunch of bystanders pointing at him in gossip.

“Close the door.” While the white guards were still in shock, the woman’s indifferent voice suddenly drifted into their ears.

Afraid for their own life, they immediately slammed the door without a second thought….

Bai Yan, your kicking posture there is so cool. You know, I just found out that I’ve become obsessed with you to the point of being infatuated.” Chu Yi Yi happily stuck her face up to tell her friend this.


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