Overturning the Heavens chapter 147

Chapter 147 “The Dead Man is Here Again (1)”

Exchanging between themselves, the surrounding guards suddenly made a very sympathetic expression towards this so called Bai family.

No matter who it was, anyone unfortunate enough to catch the little princess’s fancy will be tortured till they cry…. That’s a fact, not a guess.

“Little Princess, the elders said you can only come out for a brief while on this trip.” One of the guards cautiously came forward and reminded the maiden of this fact.

There’s no other way because the girl was simply too dangerous to leave unrestrained. If left here to do as she pleases, no doubt the entire Liu Hou Kingdom will fall into chaos at her hands.

Raising a smile, Chu Yi Yi didn’t mind the warning and went ahead to curl her arms around Bai Yan’s: “Go back and tell the elders I’m going to stay here for a while with Bai Yan. They won’t have anymore opinions then.”

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Bai Yan? The guards were all confused by this.

This name was rather foreign to them. However, through the little princess’s mouth, it sounded like Bai Yan was no ordinary person….

Wait a minute!

All of sudden, the guards seems to have recalled something important. Their bodies stiffening as a result of their revelation.

“Little Princess, it can’t be this Miss Bai Yan is….”

Before the guards could finish their words, Chi Yi Yi had already turned around to warn them with her stare. “If you say anything more to reveal Bai Yan’s presence then don’t blame me for not warning you. The elders will definitely not let you people live afterwards!”

Gasping with an intense fright, the guards were in utter shock as they inhaled deeply.

“Little Princess… Is she really the one from the Holy Island?”

According to what they know, several years ago the elders had taken in a genius disciple. Not only was this individual gifted in alchemy at the supernatural level, even the elders could only admit defeat when placed against her.

What’s more, it’s even said that the Lord of the Holy Land was very fond of the woman and had forbid the other disciples from entering the Holy Island, all for the sake of keeping the peace in that place.

And now, that very same person was now standing in front of them. That very person!

Extremely excited in their expressions, the guards would honestly rush home this instant just so they can gloat to their friends. Of course, there’s no way they can do that under the threat here.

“Let’s go then.”

Pulling Chu Yi Yi’s hand, Bai Yan led the girl out of the forested are and towards the city gate.

Along the way, Chu Yi Yi appears to be excited along every inch of the way like she’s extremely curious about the things in the outside world.

“Yi Yi, I’m going to first send you to the Old Manor for now. Don’t make trouble while I’m not around, okay?” Knowing the girl’s personality, Bai Yan didn’t forget to give a final warning.

Unlike her son who will mostly only retaliate when provoked first, Chu Yi Yi was on a whole different scale in comparison. If the person so much as didn’t fit her liking, the girl will seriously go pummel them just for the heck of it without reason.

“I know, you don’t need to keep reminding me you know.”

Puckering her lips in a disapproving manner, Chu Yi Yi clearly didn’t pay any heed to the warning based on how excitedly flushed her cheeks were.

Knowing exactly what’s going on in the girl’s mind, Bai Yan was seriously doubting her decision of letting the Chu Yi Yi stay.

“We’re here.”

Once at the entrance to the Old Manor, a shocking cry suddenly interrupted their focus from the back.

“Bai Yan, why are you here?” This voice clearly carried a sense of surprise in there, thus causing Bai Yan to halt in her steps.

Slightly swinging her head around, she faces the middle-aged man before her with those unemotional eyes: “Do you have an issue with me being here?”

A bit embarrassed by the question, Bai Zheng Xiang’s awkwardly replied: “I came here to meet the people from the Flower Brothel. Oh right, why are you able to go in?”

Originally the man wanted to explain himself some more, but a realization suddenly donned on him.

Can it be Bai Yan is related to the Flower Brothel? If so, I can use this and get a connection with those inside!



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