Overturning the Heavens chapter 146

Chapter 146 “Chu Yi Yi (2)”

When this was said, Bai Yan had already disappeared out the window, leaving behind Little Rice’s still confused in the background as he watched that reddish figure flying in the distance.


Standing in the lush greenery of the bamboo forest, a certain figure was standing out like a sore thumb in this area with her blood red dress. This would’ve been quite the scenic sight if not for the dense level of murderous intent hovering in the air…

Then suddenly, a sharp glimmering light of frost shot out from the back. Not hesitating in the least, the reddish woman standing there swiftly swings around and fought back with a force powerful enough to blow the surrounding leaves right out of the terrain.

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“Ahh!” Bai Yan could only hear a loud exclamation before the attacking maiden staggered backwards. Without delay, she immediately dashes forward to catch that falling girl’s waist.

Following suit in the next second was a group of people in white coming out into the open. Making a circling formation, they surrounded Bai Yan and the young maiden in her arms.

Just when they wanted to move forward for a rescue……

“Say it, why did you try to attack me?” Bai Yan seductively caresses the girl’s face with her slender fingers.

This of course left the white guards completely overwhelmed in shock. Their little princess… is being molested by a woman?!

But then recalling their little princess’s temperament, what used to be coldness in the guards eyes promptly turned into sympathy.

Does this woman not know the identity of the little princess? Why would she do something so provocative?

Not moving to await their next command, the white guards never got what they expected; instead, what came next left them dropping their jaws in disbelief…

“How hateful!” The maiden squealed shyly and said, “I only wanted to test my new ability.”

“Oh, how did it go?”

“This…. my ability didn’t advance like I wanted. Rather it’s you! You are already at the point of seducing both men and women.” Smiling with delight, the maiden then wraps her arms around Bai Yan’s neck like a damsel in distress. “I’m going to stop helping my brother so why don’t you accept me instead.”

Having dark lines running through her face, Bai Yan left no room to interpret her words otherwise: “I refuse.”

“If you don’t take me then I’ll go plague your son instead. Oh right, where is that delightful little thing? Didn’t you ask me to come pick Xiachen up?” Darting her eyes around, the maiden suddenly got a bad premonition after not finding the familiar baby.

Didn’t she say to meet in this bamboo forest for our meeting?

It can’t be….

Making an affirming nod, Bai Yan confirms the girl’s suspicion: “Yi Yi, you guessed it right. My son’s been discovered by his father so he can’t leave for a while.”

“What?” Chu Yi Yi jumps right out of those arms in anger: “Who? Who’s the bastard that dares to fight me for Xiachen! I will go back and get reinforcement!”

As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, you run. Bai Yan had already told her that the boy’s father was extremely powerful, as such, the ideal solution would be to flee at the first light and get someone else to fight!

This time it was Bai Yan to be stunned. First second the girl was still acting all aggressive, the next she’s suggesting to flee. So which is it?

Making a slight smirk: “Actually, Di Cang didn’t try to snatch my son away, he only wants to recognize this son.”

Sure enough, upon hearing there’s no need to fight, Chi Yi Yi’s panicking footsteps instantly halted. Turning around, she makes a delightful giggle: “Actually, it’s those three elders who missed you two the most. That’s why I wanted to go back and bring them here.”

“But I’m so tired now. Let’s go back to your place and rest. This way I can also have a look at that so called Bai family.”



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