Overturning the Heavens chapter 145

Chapter 145 “Chu Yi Yi (1)”

Pricking up his mouth, the little steam bun replies: “The baddie is so fierce, I don’t want him!”

Inside Bai Xiachen’s little heart, only those who are gentle and kind can be good to his mother.

“But…” Tilting his head, “Out of consideration for his help today, I will admit his status as Baddie Father even if I’m a bit reluctant.”

Only Baddie Father….

“Let’s go then,” Holding those baby hands, Bai Yan led the way with a brilliant smile: “Everyone should be waiting for us at the Lan residence. We should go home now.”

Go home……

That comment causes the boy to blink with astonishment. Because aside from their home at the Holy Island, they now have a home here too!

“Mother, do you like Baddie Father?” Bai Xiachen asks with great difficulty.

If his mother likes the man then he will too. Though not fully willing, but he will still do that for his mother’s sake.

Pausing, Bai Yan halted in her steps as the image of Di Cang’s arrogant face comes to mind. “I don’t mind nor do I hate him,” she shakes her head in the end after a brief contemplation. That’s right, that’s all there is….

“That so?”

Bai Xiachen may be still ignorant about things like love, but there’s a nagging notion that’s been bothering him up to this point. It’s the way his mother treats everyone else compared to his father, she didn’t directly refuse like how she did with his godfather back at the Holy Land.

Just when Bai Xiachen was still thinking about all these unnecessary things, Bai Yan had come knocking down with her fist at the baby’s head: “Quit thinking about all these unrelated matters. Regardless of your godfather or that man, I won’t accept either of them.”

Unlike some woman out there, Bai Yan wasn’t the type to give herself out so easily. This was especially true when she still hasn’t thoroughly understood the other side yet.

“How sad, I’m a child without a father.” Making an aggrieved face, the little steam bun covers his head like he’s still hurt, thus forcing his mother to rub it for comfort.

“As long as Di Cang doesn’t try to take you away then you can always go find him,” she declares. As a mother, Bai Yan understands that keeping a child from their father can be a cruel thing to do. Therefore she will allow them to meet, but that’s all, she will never how her son to be taken away without her permission!

In response to her mother’s remark, Bai Xiachen only uttered a small affirming cry.

In truth, he didn’t care much about his father, he only wants a sister, that’s all.


Once the pair arrives at home, Old Madam Lan was the first to come greet them. Rushing over in haste, she literally did a full body checkup in order to confirm their well-being.

However annoying as that maneuver was, it did cheer the little steam bun up. Donning a bright smile, he happily went over the various encounters and places he saw inside the palace. Also, he made sure to inform Lan Shaoling (big cousin) of his task of carrying out the punishment.

Looking at the excited face of the kid, Old Lord Lan’s usual grumpy attitude too became a smiling one. Not bothering to wait, he tasked the servants to bring out the dishes for dinner.

Once the food was done and everyone ready to head back to their rooms, Bai Yan was stopped in her steps when a white pigeon broke through the window and lands right in front of her.

“Mistress, who sent the letter?” Little Rice asked after seeing the woman unscrolling the message from the pigeon’s leg.

“She’s here.” Perhaps it’s her mood being very joyous, even her eyes are full of smiles.

She’s here? Blinking at the statement, Little Rice didn’t quite understand who Bai Yan was referring to.

“Little Rice, in a bit I want you to tell my son that I’m going out to pick up someone.”


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