Overturning the Heavens chapter 144

Chapter 144 “Punishment (3)”

That Lan Shaoling had already reached the mid-level of the Earth rank while he himself was but at the upper-level. What’s more, it’s that bastard doing the hitting. He be damned if the guy doesn’t go straight for the kill.

“Let me bear two hundred rods then.” At the very least Nangong Yi was still a man. Towards Bai Ruo, his feelings are true so he’s willing to do this. “Let my wife-”

“Oh alright.” Hearing someone willing to take more punishment, Bai Xiachen swiftly interrupted that speech and proposed a more severe punishment. “You heard him too right, Mother? It’s his own request so we should give him two hundred rods and one hundred for his wife.”

Now this time Nangong Yi really vomited blood.

His request was meant to allow his wife off the hook, but before he could even finish that statement, the blasted kid went ahead and changed the numbers.

“This is not my problem.” Blinking those innocent eyes, Bai Xiachen puts on a clueless look, “It’s his own request. I didn’t force him.”

Flicking up a smirk, Bai Yan gently caresses her son: “Yes, I also heard that. If he likes being punished then there’s no reason for us to refuse his request.”

“You two…” Pointing at the mother and son dual, Nangong Yi could barely make out his words from frustration.

“It’s getting late already my son, let us go home first. I’m sure your great grandfather is already waiting with dinner ready.”

Glancing up at the sky to affirm the hour, Bai Yan then turns around to bid her farewell to the old queen. Just like that, she and her son headed for the exit without minding the crowd behind her.

Of course, there’s bound to be a certain uninvited individual following from behind. Curling her brow: “Why are you following me when I’m trying to educate my son?”

Towards that remark, Di Cang’s expression promptly turned cold. Not at Bai Yan though, it’s at the little steam bun. “Look what you’ve done. You made my woman unhappy.”

Popping his eyes in utter shock, Bai Xiachen almost couldn’t believe how fast this big baddie can changed. Didn’t he agree to protect me?

Not missing that change in temperament around the man, Bai Yan hurriedly pinched at the man’s arm: “Don’t intimidate my son!”

Despite the pain, Di Cang didn’t find it all that awful. Rather, he was quite pleased by the contact: “I’ll come find you this evening.”

Before Bai Yan could come to terms with that meaning, that purplish figure was already gone….

“Mother.” Meek in his tone, the baby boy weakly tugged at his mother’s sleeve: “Did I do something wrong?”

Sighing at that pitiful face portrayed by her son, “Son, do you think Nangong Lin (bully) deserves to die for what he’s done?”

Nodding that tiny head to affirm his answer, “He set fire to the palace. If it wasn’t for Nangong Zhun (skinny boy) being fast enough when running, the boy would be dead by now. So, killing that bully is justified. It’s just that I…”

“My son, you cannot be soft in this world where the strong eats the weak. Nangong Lin (bully) may be young, nor do I know how his future will turn out, but what would you do if someone truly wishes to kill you? Would you also do the same as you did today?”

“No!” Shaking his head, Bai Xiachen decisively answered: “If someone wishes to kill me then I will kill them first. I won’t allow anyone to have the chance to harm me or my family. It’s just that I feel sorry for Nangong Lin (bully). He wasn’t as fortunate as me to have Godfather and everyone else by my side, that’s why he grew up to be so bad.”

Hearing this, Bai Yan was honestly relieved. What she feared the most was her son going soft when encountering an assassin. Having mercy and kindness was a good thing, but it can also bring more danger to oneself if not properly given.

“Son,” her smile seemingly dangerous. “As I recall, you were calling that man Handsome Father.”


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