Overturning the Heavens chapter 143

Chapter 143 “Punishment (2)”

The complexion in the crowd would darken by an ounce following each count by the skinny boy. This included Nangon Yuan (king) because he never expected the perpetrator of that big fire to be Nangong Lin (bully).

This is just too outrageous!

Waiting until his friend finishes going through his pains, Bai Xiachen then blinked at his father: “Did you remember them all Handsome Father? I’m rather fond of paying them back one step at a time. However they are given, I like it to be returned in the same manner.”

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“Oh, yes…” The little steam bun seems to have recalled something again, “The little bully also said he’s going to kill me and wipe my family out.”

“Aren’t you alive still? Your mother is fine too. Even if you want payback, you can’t take his life,” Nangong Yi blurts this out in his urgency.

“Oh you are right.” Nodding, “But the way he threatened me is enough to make him owe me. Let’s do this. Father, if he is still alive after we light his house on fire, you can bring him to me. I just so happen to lack some playmates.”

Of course, the play part wasn’t actually play, it’s without a doubt a form of torture.

“Alright, we can do that.”

Towards the boy’s demand, Di Cang was at the point where he will satisfy them all if asked.

“No, I don’t agree!”

Bai Ruo had just wanted to get up when that oppressive gaze shot over again. In that instant, her knees felt like they were being crushed by a mountain. Biting her lips, “Father, please, I beg you. Don’t send my son over to them. This boy is so vicious, he will no doubt bully my Lin (bully).”

Gently closing his eyes, Nangong Yuan (king) only opened his eyes after a long period of contemplation. Though it was but a brief minute, it was enough to make this once stoic looking ruler age over a decade.

“It shall be done as Lord Cang says.”

He originally thought Nangong Lin had only bullied Nangong Zhun, but to commit arson for murder? If this continues, a disaster will just be a matter of time even if the child does ascend to the throne.

Therefore, Nangong Yuan intends to use this incident to better the child. If that kid can change, then that’s great. Otherwise he will have to rethink the line of ascension….

Seeing even the king had forsaken her son, Bai Ruo finally lost all form of strength and plopped to the ground.

“I don’t want to go!” Nangong Lin sends an eyeful at his enemy, “I don’t want to go to his place, nor do I want to play with him!”

It’s pretty obvious here that the fatty had mistook that term for its literal meaning. In reality, the only one that’s being played was him.

“Handsome Father.” Blinking with those lovely eyes, Bai Xiachen doesn’t appear to be satisfied yet. “The matter with him may be solved, but there’s still Bai Ruo and her husband.”

Turning green upon being placed in the spotlight, Nangong Yi (crown prince) subconsciously turns to his father. Sadly for him though, he only got the cold shoulder here.

Even until now, the prince still doesn’t under why his father would be so fearful of Di Cang. Is the man that scary that he can do whatever he pleases?

“You can decide their fate.” Sweeping his sight across the two in question, Di Cang then turns back to face the miniature version of himself.

Tilting his little head like he’s in a dilemma, “Mmmm, I can’t think of a punishment severe enough for them. Why don’t we just give them a hundred rods in the butt? We can have my mother’s big cousin do it!”

From the moment Nangong Yi heard that outlandish statement, he nearly puked blood.

A hundred rods? And to let Lan Shaoling (big male cousin) perform the deed?


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