Overturning the Heavens chapter 142

Chapter 142 “Punishment (1)”

Smirking at the sight, Di Cang swiftly swept the woman into his arms using this opening. “It was our son who first ran over here and called me father.”

Realizing that’s the truth, Bai Yan’s expression revealed a flash of embarrassment. Indeed, it was their son who first initiated the call after running over to hug the man.

“Bai Yan!” Narrowing his eyes in, Di Cang’s voice remains soft yet threatening: “Is it that embarrassing to have our son call me father?”

Unable to answer that question, Bai Yan could only subconsciously swing her head aside to avoid contact.

“After I finish getting revenge for our son, me and you are going to have a very long chat.” When it came to the last few words, that mouth was practically seething with enthusiasm. No doubt he intends to do more than just talking there.

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“Lord Cang, how do you want to punish Lin (bully) then?” The king himself understands, unless they punish the boy today, there’s no way out of this.


A simple word, yet its enough to send shockwaves across the royal family.

Unable to keep still anymore, Bai Ruo literally started to shouting with her voice: “Even if this matter is caused by my son, don’t you think it’s too much asking for the death penalty? Besides, you are but a titled royalty, don’t get ahead of yourself!”

Not replying to the outburst, Di Cang only shot a cold hard glance at the woman. But that’s all it was needed.

Sweating profusely, Bai Ruo inexplicably took to her knees after losing all life from her legs. Even then, she couldn’t stop shaking.

“Nothing but a lowly consort, who allowed you to stand and talk to me?”

What, lowly consort?

Clenching into a tight ball with her hands, Bai Ruo couldn’t believe what she just heard. A Crown Princess of Liu Huo (kingdom name) just became a lowly consort before this man.

Then looking at the reddish figure in the man’s arm, her eyes was ready to turn red from jealousy.

“Lord Cang… why don’t we do five rods instead. What do you say?” Nangong Yuan furrowed his brow.

He may have abolished his queen, but this grandchild of his was completely different. There’s no way he can allow the death penalty to occur.

Ignoring the suggestion, Di Cang’s eyes became even more dangerous as a bloodthirsty light emulated out of those irises. In that instant, the very air itself began to warp under the man’s oppressive aura.

“Handsome Father,” it was at this moment a soft tender voice chimed in. Tugging at the man’s sleeve, Bai Xiachen was the one to break the mood: “I don’t want to see death.”

Fortunately the little boy’s words are useful because it worked.

Gradually retracting the murderous intent around his body, Di Cang gazes down at the little steam bun clinging to his legs: “He bullied you, aren’t you mad at him?”

“I do, but not enough to want to kill him.” Tilting his little head, “Because, compared to killing, I prefer to torture people.”

Ever since Bai Xiachen grew old enough to be sensible, he’s been living under the protection of all his elders. In the end, his heart remains that of a child with clean hands. Therefore, it’s difficult for him to swallow the fact of killing someone over something so little.

It’s just that, as a member of the Demon race, there’s bound to be a fierce side to his personality. What he needs now was a little push at the right timing.

“Then how do you want to punish him?” asked Di Cang.

Mischievously spitting his tongue out, the baby boy shifts his head around to the skinny boy: “Do you still remember how he bullied you in the past?”

“Mhmm,” Nangong Zhun confirms with a light nod. “They kicked me ten times, threw stones at me twenty times, wacked me with the stick three times, and burnt my room with a flint tube once. Fortunately I ran fast enough that time, otherwise…”



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