Overturning the Heavens chapter 140

Chapter 140 “Flattered”

Gushing with turbulent wind, the reddish figure at the epicentre was unparalleled and unmatched. Even for Nangong Yi who had always taken the girl as an entity beneath himself, right now he couldn’t even lift his head let alone move forward.

For the first time ever, he had discovered a completely new side to the woman.

Did I ignore her too much back then? Is that the reason why I never noticed?

Suddenly, a stinging pain abruptly brought him back to his senses. Lowering his frowning face, he can see his wife’s nail are deeply imprinted into his skin: “Wife…”

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Only then did Bai Ruo realizes her action. Hurrying to release that grip, she bites down on her pale lip: “I’m sorry Husband, I was a bit frightened there by my sister….”

Though she says that, it’s not entirely the truth. Upon noticing her husband’s captivated eye just now, she had deliberately used her nails to pierce that skin so the man’s attention would return to herself.

Oh how I regret it, why didn’t I just kill her back then when I drugged her!

“His Majesty the King is entering!” The abrupt call of this sharp voice finally brought everyone back to their senses, especially the frightened guards there. Nevertheless, one of the soldiers were careless and gotten himself too close to Bai Yan in the end.


Following this impacting sound, the guard instantly took to his feet. Puking blood like a fountain from the mouth, that chest was clearly pressed in like it had just received a giant blow from a hot iron pole.

From beginning to the end, no one here could even see Bai Yan making her move.

Can it be, Bai Yan isn’t what they imagined her to be, a useless garbage?

“Father!” As a sneaky fox, there’s no way Bai Xiachen can miss that purplish figure walking beside the king. In a quick dash of his little body, the boy jumps straight into Di Cang’s arms, his eyes scheming with light the entire time.

Surprised by the sudden outburst, Di Cang was a little taken aback there, This little kid is finally accepting me?

“Handsome Father, someone is trying to bully me.”

“Who?” Before Di Cang could show any form of emotion on that face, his expression instantly turned cold at the unexpected news.

Continuing with his act, Bai Xiachen pinches his mouth like he’s about to cry: “Just now I saw my new friend Nangong Zhun being bullied by those bad kids so I got payback. But when the bully’s father arrived, the man wanted to catch me and take me away from Mother. They said they won’t let me off!”

“Oh yes, the bully also said he’s the most prestigious person in this world and that he wants to kill my whole family.”

Then once the boy finishes his speech, he didn’t forget to make a provoking face at the bully to finish his deed.

You think you are the only one with a father? I do too, and I got two! Though I don’t exactly want to recognize this big baddie here yet, but that’s beside the point…

Gloomy in the face to the point of being dreadfully terrifying, Di Cang’s disturbing aura soon fell upon Nangong Lin’s (bully) body.

Now the fat boy was truly scared there. Scurrying behind his mother, he nervously cries out: “Mother, hurry and have Father him…. He’s so scary!”

Bai Ruo’s expression didn’t look so well either right now. White to the point of losing all shades of red, she firmly presses in her palm to cover that loud mouth before it causes further trouble.

“Children’s word carry no harm, children’s word carry no harm.” Coughing a laugh, Nangong Yuan (king) attempts to put an end to the show before it gets out of hand: “Di Cang, Lin (bully) is still just a child. Children making trouble once in a while is nothing wrong.”

“No, the boy cannot be allowed to go so easily!”



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