Overturning the Heavens chapter 139

Chapter 139 “The Dowager’s Fury (2)”

“Are you alright Queen Granny?”

Trotting over to the old queen, Bai Xiachen conveniently reaches out to pat the woman’s back to help smooth that breathing.

“My mother had said: Don’t be angry over unrelated people. It’s not worth it.”

What a good child.

The old queen could only lament a sigh here. If she had persisted in forcing Lanyue into marrying the king back then, perhaps this good and wonderful child would be her great grandson instead of that horrible one over there.

“Wife!” It was at this moment a surprised cry came from a short distance away.

After hearing this familiar voice, Bai Yan’s brow gently pricked up, Wouldn’t this be called running into a enemy on a narrow street?

“Wife, what are you doing over there lying on the cold hard ground?” Coming over, Nangong Yi reaches out to help his wife stand up. Then shifting his gaze over to the unwelcomed figure, his eyes quickly went dark at the sight of his former fiancée: “Bai Yan, is it you who’s the cause of this?”

Curving her lips into a smirk, Bai Yan haughtily replies: “Shouldn’t you be asking your precious son over there first before blaming others?”

Hearing that, Nangong Yi’s brow quickly wrinkled into a knot. As the boy’s father, there’s no way he wouldn’t know about his son’s poor behavior. However, he never once found it wrong because in his mind it’s just a matter of time before the boy becomes a ruler of one power. Nevertheless, he did remind his son that while he can do whatever he likes inside the palace, he must be careful in the outside word….

“Grandmother.” Nangong Yi first shot a cold glare at Bai Yan before shifting his gaze back at the old queen, “Lin (little bully) is still your great grandson. How can you help some outsider over your flesh and blood?”

“Husband.” Not missing the chance, Bai Ruo swiftly leaned in on the man’s arm and puts on a miserable face, “Bai Yan had her son’s kitty scratch up our son.”

Clenching his fist into a tight hard ball, the man then noticed the boy in question and that hateful cat.

Not backing down, Bai Xiachen provocatively shot the man a stare of his own. This naturally infuriated the prince: “Someone come, take this little bastard child away!”

“How dare you!” (Queen Dowager)

“How dare you!” (Bai Yan)

The voice of both woman rang out at the same time. The former clearly angered while the latter carried a murderous intent in that voice.

“Mother.” Dashing straight into his mother’s embrace, Bai Xiachen then said the damnedest thing: “This grandfather is so fierce, I’m scared.” Though he says that, but those bright baby eyes were full of deceitfulness.

“What did you call me?” Nangong Yi’s turned ugly, How dare this brat call me a grandpa? Which part of me look old?

“Mother, this grandfather must have reached his later years and is about to hit the grave, otherwise he wouldn’t be this mean, even meaner than Father. Good thing you didn’t marry him back then, I prefer my current handsome father over this one many times.”

Seemingly finding his logic not quite to his liking, the boy adds in another sentence: “Of course, Godfather is the gentlest still.

“What are you all doing, hurry and go knab that kid!”

What boldness, nothing but a wild child and he dares to pick on my son?!

Despite their hesitant attitude, the guards in the end went ahead with the order after exchanging a look with each other. In their mind, an old queen can’t be compared to the future king.

Seeing this, the dowager was already livid with anger because she didn’t expect her authority to be so weak that the guards would openly disregard her. It appears the time she spent in self imposed isolation had come at a cost.

Meanwhile on the other side, Nangong Zhun was timidly tugging at Bai Yan’s sleeve: “I’m sorry…”

This is all my fault.

Ignoring the boy’s word, Bai Yan instead raised her aura and took on an imposing stance: “Whoever dares to step forward shall be slain without mercy!”



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