Overturning the Heavens chapter 138

Chapter 138 “The Dowager’s Fury (1)”

“Child.” The old queen distressingly looks at that stubborn little face, “Tell granny here which consort are you from?”

Stunned at first by the question, Nangong Zhun’s tense expression eventually loosened up after sensing the old woman meant no harm and was truly concerned about himself. “My mother is a palace maid, she’s already dead.”

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“Then who caused these injuries to you?”

As soon as the old queen thought of someone doing such cruel things to a small child, her heart would be boiling with rage.

When Nangon Zhun heard this, he subconsciously peered over to that little bully and his accomplices: “Some are done by the other princes and princesses over there, and some were done at the order of the queen. Then when some of the eunuchs and maids are unhappy, they would often come hurt me because I’m all alone….”

“Xiao Mei.” The old grandma’s face instantly went dark, her voice stern and commanding: “Go investigate the matter thoroughly. I want to know every single person that is involved, servants, royalty, all of them. I want them all dragged here before my eyes!”

No matter what, this young child was still a direct bloodline of the royal house. Though she herself was guilty of turning a blind eye to the various cruel things happening inside the harem, but now that she knows, she can’t allow such a matter to continue. What’s more, how can mere eunuchs and maids be allowed to bully a prince!

“Yes Your Grace.” The old palace maid respectfully bowed to accept the order.

Once her trusted subordinate was gone, the dowager promptly shifted her gaze over to the little bully.

“I thought the most you would do was be unreasonable and unruly, but to hit your own uncle? Crown Princess, you sure taught a good son over there!”

Going white in her complexion, Bai Ruo hurriedly pulled her son down to the ground along with her: “Your Grace, there must be a misunderstanding. My son may be a bit provocative in the mouth, but he would never do something like hit another person.”

“Then are you saying this child is lying?” Based on the old queen’s sharp tongue, there’s a very high possibility of her erupting here today.

Knowing her own words are useless, Bai Ruo attempts to use her son to help make some excuse. Yet, her plan completely went out of whack after her first tug at the boy’s sleeve.

Abruptly getting up from the floor, the little bully stabs his fists against his waist and arrogantly yelled: “I’m not wrong! He’s nothing but a runt born of a palace maid, a slave! So why can’t I beat him like all the rest? I will never recognize an uncle like that!”

“Son!” Bai Ruo was already scared beyond her wits. By the time she manages to pull her son back to the floor, her forehead had become drenched in sweat.

“Please have mercy Your Grace.” Pushing her son and herself into a bowing motion, the woman desperately pleaded: “I know I’ve been careless here and haven’t educated him enough, please forgive him this one time.”

“So you also know what it means to be a poor educator?” Scowling with contempt, the old queen didn’t hold back at all here. “Look at Xiachen over there. He’s but a five year old child like your son, yet his demeanour and attitude is heavens apart. Why such a huge difference?”

Shaking in her mouth, Bai Ruo’s expression turned even uglier because her son had always been her pride.

For this old fossil to say her son was inferior to Bai Yan’s son, how can that be?

“Son, hurry and apologize.” Swallowing the insult despite her unwillingness to do so, she had no choice but to lower herself: “Tell your great grandmother here that you are wrong and won’t hit anyone in the future.”

“I won’t apologize!” Pursing his lip in discontent, the little bully roars out: “This palace is mine, the entire kingdom is mine, and this whole world will eventually be mine too! I am born under the worship of all animals and beasts alike so I will bow to no one! It’s they who should apologize to me for not being a good punching bag. You old hag, if you say another bad word about my mother then watch and see if I won’t kick you out of the palace when I grow up!”

“You…” Trembling due to the intense rage circulating in her veins, the old queen nearly fell backwards when she lost her balance.


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  1. This little turd. I wish I could jump into the novel and just beat some sense into him since his mother’s failed to do so.

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