Overturning the Heavens chapter 137

Chapter 137 “The Thief Cries Thief (2)”

Respectfully answering the order, the guards then rushed towards the boy. However, just when they were about to approach their target, a loud hollering voice drifted over: “Crown Princess, Xiachen is my guest, who gave you the courage to touch my people?”

Bai Ruo’s expression abruptly changed at the call. What is this old fossil doing here?

Watching the group coming over from the front, she quickly bit down on her lip at the sight of Bai Yan in the mix. Those eyes are clearly filled with hate.

Without the backing of her mother-in-law, Bai Ruo can only rely on her husband and her son as support now.

“Greetings to Your Grace.” Retracting her gaze from the hated woman, she slightly bends her waist to salute the old queen.

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“Crown Princess, do you really think I’m so old that I can’t decide on things anymore? When did the final decision fall into your hands?”

The old granny’s voice was strong and fierce, clearly a sign of dissatisfaction with Bai Ruo’s behavior.

“It’s not like that Your Grace,” she hurries to drag the little bully out from behind. “It was Bai Yan’s son who made his cat scratch up my son first. As a mother, how can I stand still when my son’s being harmed? Please forgive us.”

The old queen’s gaze soon fell upon the child’s scratch marks, which caused her to furrow her brow.

“Xiachen.” Knowing her son’s character the best, Bai Yan wasn’t afraid to dive deeper for the details, “Tell me what happened here.”

“Mother,” pursing his unhappy lip, “it’s this whatever so called Royal Grandson who started it. He kept calling me twerp and threatened to beat me. That’s why Little Rice scratched him, it’s to protect me.”

Bai Yan’s complexion promptly turned dark and shifted her eyes over to Bai Ruo: “Hit my son? I can’t even bring myself to lift a finger against him yet your son wants to beat him?”

“You…” Biting her lips, Bai Ruo sends a glare in return before changing her expression to a pitiful state: “Your Grace, even if it’s my son who first started it, I know it must be the other party who provoked the confrontation. My son isn’t the type to start something without reason. Please get justice for your grandchild.”

When the little bully heard this, he quickly cocked his arrogant face up with tears still hanging off the corner of his eye: “That’s right, it’s this little twerp who first provoked me and had his cat scratch me. That’s why I started to scold him and called him names.”

With her head hanging low, Bai Ruo’s smirking smile was perfectly out of sight from the old queen’s angle.

Bai Yan, this time I’d like to see how this old fossil will shelter you!

Wrinkling her brow, the old queen knows very well that this little great grandson of hers wasn’t very good. Bullying others, beating others, she knows it all. But because she’s already so old, she never bothered to get involved with the various matters, hence the reason why she’s allowed the bad behavior for so long.

“Xiachen, tell granny here why you had your kitty scratch him,” the queen’s voice softens as she asked.

Bai Ruo’s complexion suddenly went green at the statement. From the day her son became sensible, this old fossil had never once given her any good face, now she’s also siding with an outsider?

“He wanted to stomp on my friend Nangong Zhun here, that’s why I had Little Rice pounce at him.” After saying this, Bai Xiachen went ahead and lifted the boy’s sleeve to show the crowd. His expression still angry: “You see Queen Granny, these are all caused by them.”

Getting a clearer look at all those bruises and scars, the old queen first went into a daze and then rushes over to the child’s side. “Xiao Mei, quickly come see to his wounds.”

When her words came out, that old maid named Xiao Mei swiftly moved forward and opened up the linen robe. With no more hindrance to cover the evidence, every spot and every inch of those wounds are now exposed to the world for all to see.

“Reporting to Your Grace, the little prince’s body is so full of wounds and scars that it’s difficult to make out how long they’ve been there. However, some were clearly done in not long ago based on the fresh blood lines on the surface.”



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  2. I wonder when the Crown Prince does something on screen bad enough to deserve that pair? Not that I pity him too much, considering the ‘preemie’ golden son tripe there (and no matter how badly spoken about, doomed prince and moral-forsaken father were WAY too willing to believe the worst of anyone not in favor)
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