Overturning the Heavens chapter 136

Chapter 136 “The Thief Cries Thief (1)”

“Are you hurt?” Bai Xiachen asked.

For the first time ever, Nangong Zhun finally learned what it means to be concerned about. Feeling the warmth flowing inside, he slightly shook his head: “It’s already crusted so it doesn’t hurt.”

“Liar, I only touched you there and you’re already in so much pain.” Hurrying to rummage through his coat, the baby boy pulls out his collection Dan pills. Scratching his little head: “I don’t know which is of these bottles are used for healing so let’s wait until my mother comes here. I will have her give you the proper one to treat your wounds.”

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For him, these aren’t precious medicines, they are snacks so it’s pointless to bother remembering their uses.

His only interest was, and always will be, poison and their uses.

Just when Bai Xiachen wanted to drag Nangong Zhun to meet his mother, the others nearby in the vicinity had all heard the commotion and was quickly arriving on scene.

Naturally, the first to arrive was Bai Ruo since her son was here. Seeing how miserable her child looked from the onset, she immediately grew furious, “What are you all still standing there for? Go catch that cat!”

Not giving the guards behind her a chance, the white kitty first gave a lazy yawn and then zoomed into Bai Xiachen’s arm in a flash.


When the little bully saw his mother finally appearing to save him, he promptly burst into tears with that scratched up face.

Tightly clenching her fist, Bai Ruo coldly glared at the boy responsible for the deed: “Which official’s son are you from and how dare you harm my son? Do you know how important he is?”

She had only left for a moment and her son was now in this miserable state. How can she not get angry especially with her protective nature?

“Mother, this little twerp bullied me. Please have Father make a decree and kill his entire family!”

“Oh my son, your father loves you the most so he won’t allow anyone to hurt you.” Seeing the scratch marks all over her son’s body, Bai Ruo’s anger only deepened.

Finding the boy not answering her question, she coldly asked once again: “I don’t care whose child you are, but after what you’ve done, you can only kneel and plead for my son’s forgiveness!”

In her opinion, the act of making Bai Xiachen kneel was already the most merciful act she can do.

But of course, whether or not she will forgive the twerp was another matter….

“So you are the baddest woman from the Bai family.” Raising Little Rice up in front, Bai Xiachen points the baby tiger out in the open so he can memorize that face: “Have you memorize the bad woman’s face yet? Since she’s so ugly, it should be easy to remember. I really don’t understand what that crown prince sees in such a woman.”

“You…” Pointing at the baby boy, Bai Ruo was filled with anger in her eyes.

“My mother said those who have done bad things will get ticklish. This auntie, I see you are constantly writhing in your back, can it be you are itchy and don’t dare to scratch it?”

“You…” Bai Ruo’s face abruptly changed to shock and horror: “You are Bai Yan’s son?”

She had long suspected something was amiss here relating to her itch. Now that the little twerp was speaking out, she’s even more certain the tickling on her body was the result of Bai Yan’s poisoning.

Although her husband had asked for an alchemist to see to her issue, but the most she got was a pill to sooth that itch. What’s more, the effects aren’t permanent and a remedy was nowhere in sight, meaning once the numbness of the pill wears off, the irritation will come back in full force!

“Someone come, catch this wild child up for me!”

A child conceived by an unknown man can only be a wild child. There’s no way she will believe the twerp here was Di Cang’s son!

“Yes, Crown Princess!”


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