Overturning the Heavens chapter 133

Chapter 133 “Charging Once Again (3)”

Hearing that, a delighted laugh escaped the old queen: “The lass is finally here eh. Hurry and let her inside. Also, from now on there’s no need to inform me before letting her inside, I give her free passage.”

“Yes Your Grace.” After taking the order, the eunuch promptly moved backwards to carry out his command.

Minutes later, a beautiful woman in red casually strolled through the doors, and by her side was a milky child walking hand in hand.

Like any kid of that young age, they would of course starting eyeing their surroundings with novelty. However, this wasn’t of the curios kind like how the old queen assumed. Bai Xiachen was simply wondering why everything in this imposing palace was so inferior to his own home at the Holy Island.

“My dear, you’ve finally come.” The old queen was beaming with joy in that smile, “I have to thank you for before. If not for your reminder, I would never have thought to seek out an alchemist to cure my illness.”

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The old queen didn’t want others to know she’s been poisoned, hence the reason why she replaced the word with “illness”.

“There’s no need to thank me Your Grace. Is there another matter of summoning me today?”

“No,” the dowager shook her head. “Before you left in such a hurry that I couldn’t even manage to talk with you properly, that’s why I called for you again today. Oh right, this child is your son is he not?”

When Bai Xiachen heard this, he immediately did what a good child would do, “Hello beautiful Grandma Queen, I am called Bai Xiachen.”

“Haha, what a good boy,” the dowager was very lovely in her expression. Towards this courteous and sensible little guy, the fondness she’s expressing came straight from her heart: “Since this is the first time we are meeting, I can’t just let you go without a gift. Here then, take this golden bracelet and consider it a meeting gift from me.”

Having said this, the dowager didn’t delay and immediately took off the golden bracelet from her wrist. Seeing this, the old maids by the queen’s side was shocked and wanted to stop this. But finding how lovely that smile was, they can only retract their words.

How long has it been?

After the former king passed away, this old queen’s been confining herself to this isolated section of the palace without ever stepping foot to the outside world. Aside from Lanyue (Bai Yan’s mother) coming to visit while she was still alive, none would ever come here. Then once even Lanyue passed away, this old queen literally stopped smiling altogether…

“Good child, promise me you must keep this golden bracelet well so you don’t lose it,” the dowager meaningfully states this.

Doing as told, Bai Xiachen received the gift and revealed his usual innocent smile, “Thank you beautiful Grandma Queen.”

“Let me direct Xiao Mei to take you outside to play. I’m sure you would be bored with us here.”

(Note: Xiao Mei means Little Plum Flower. Its like the most common name people use for maids in Chinese dramas to the point it’s stale and bland.)

Xiao Mei was the old granny in service to the dowager, making her position in the palace very special and unusual. With her by the kid’s side, it’s safe to assume none would dare try anything harmful, less they wish to incur the wrath of the old queen.

“Granny, all these beautiful ladies and sisters should be very tired too after working so hard.” His voice soft and convincing: “I know you are worried about me, but I am always very good and obedient. I’m sure no one will make trouble for me.”

“This…” Wanting to say some more, the old queen was stopped by Bai Yan before she can say anything else.

“Your Grace, don’t worry, Xiachen will be fine on his own so you need not fret for his safety.”

Her son had always been the type to know his limits, hence the reason why she can be so assured he be fine.

“Very well then,” relenting, the old queen did as the pair wished. “Then go ahead and play by yourself as you wish. If something happens though, remember to bring out the bracelet I gave you. Seeing the bracelet is equal to seeing me.”

“I understand.” Plucking the baby tiger down from his shoulder, the boy shifts his friend into his crossed arms to make traveling easier.

Once outside though, he immediately began to ponder his next move, Which way to that evil woman’s place?



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