Overturning the Heavens chapter 132

Chapter 132 “Charging Once Again (2)”

Pursing his small little lips, Bai Xiachen seems very displeased as he tugged at his mother’s hand.

My whiteness and tenderness are natural, not the effects of whatever Dan pill okay?

What’s more, I don’t even like the taste of those pills so I never bothered to eat them.

“Cousin, I also want some!” Lan Xiaoyun’s (girl cousin) eyes were brimming with light as she grabbed for Bai Yan’s hand. Swinging them left and right, “Please, let me change my gift for this one?”

For a girl, there’s nothing more tempting than their own appearance so martial cultivation can just step aside.

“I can give it to you if you want, but you cannot eat too many at once. Once per week will suffice.” Bai Yan first hands the gifts out to the three ladies before looking back at Old Lord Lan: “Grandfather, your cultivation is already at the peak of the Sky rank, coupled with your physical deterioration, even a Sky Spirit Pill will not be enough to help you advance.”

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Not minding it, Old Lord Lan waves his hand to stop her words: “Someone as old as me don’t need such a thing since your uncle can already support this household. Just let me enjoy my old age.”

Bai Yan ponders the idea for a while, her fingers stroking her chin in the meanwhile: “Let’s do this then. Wait for a while first then I’ll get a suitable Dan pill for you.”

In order to create the item that’s in her mind, time was essential.

“Oh my good granddaughter, I forgot to inform you Her Highness the Dowager had sent someone to summon you to the palace before. She wishes to see you.” Old Madam Lan’s face was already beaming with smile.

Don’t assume just because she’s so old that she won’t care about her appearance. Beauty knows no bounds.

“The dowager wishes to see me?” Gently nodding, “I understand. I will go see her in the palace.”

When Bai Xiachen heard this, his big eyes immediately lit up: “Mother is going to the palace? I also want to go!”

“And what are you going for?” Bai Yan glances at the boy and asked.

Carrying a wily light, Bai Xiachen answers honestly: “I want to see what the palace is like and compare it to the Holy Island.”

“I can take you, but while in the palace, you must behave yourself and don’t cause trouble.”

“But… what if I meet that bad woman Bai Ruo? And what if she wants to harm me?”

“Then go ahead and push her to death!”

Bully my son? Have anyone asked my opinion?

Little Rice who was resting on the ground could only roll his tiger eyes at the unreasonableness of these two. Yawning once, he went back to his rest.

Oh my little ancestor, who can bully you? From what I remember, it’s only been you bulling others over the years.

“Xiachen.” Bai Yan looks down at her son whose currently clinging onto her leg: “I don’t wish for you to make trouble out there. Similarly, we are not afraid of provoking others if they initiate first. Remember, don’t hold back if they start a fight first!”

“I understand then Mother.”

Don’t go making trouble, and don’t be afraid of trouble.

That’s the sort of lessons Bai Yan taught him.

“Grandfather, Grandmother, I shall take Xiachen with me to the palace first and then return later today.”

After bidding their goodbyes to everyone, Bai Yan then led her son out the estate for the palace. Not to be left behind, Little Rice immediately rolled his sleepy ass off the ground and chased after the pair.



The dowager was currently resting on the couch with several maids tending to her when a eunuch came through the door for announcement.

“Your Grace, Miss Bai is here.”



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