Overturning the Heavens chapter 129

Chapter 129 “True Affection (2)”

Loosening the little fella in his arms, that handsome face reveals a gentle smile: “Xiachen, you go prepare. Later we will go to your great grandmother’s place.”

Biting his little finger, Bai Xiachen looks troubled here: “Uncle, do you know what my great grandfather and great grandmother likes? And there’s Uncle, Auntie and my mother’s cousins, do you know what they like? I want to prepare a proper gift for them when we meet.”

“Xiachen, you are the junior so you don’t need to prepare a gift.” Pinching the little cuddly thing on the nose, Bai Xia was very amused by how good his nephew was.

“That won’t do, I must prepare a gift! If not, then I can give them my sugar beans even though I like them so much.”

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They are all Mother’s closest relatives, so giving them some sugar beans aren’t much…

After coming to this decision, he then trotted back into the old manor to prepare.


Since after last night where the boy pulled off that sensational incident, it’s only natural that the entire Lan family becomes aware of his existence. However, due to Bai Yan’s whereabout being unknown, Old Madam Lan can only wait at hom, forcing her to become sleepless all night over that great grandson of hers.

Fortunately Bai Yan didn’t make the poor grandmother wait very long. Together with her brother and the child, the three made the visit together.

At first sight of the little steam bun, the old lady could no longer keep herself together. Rushing up, she embraces the adorable little thing and started to weep from pure joy.

“Mother,” Dong Ruolan (aunt) warmly smiled. “Don’t you see that Father is staring at him? He’s been talking about him all night so why don’t you let him have a look before you keep crying?”

Sure enough, Old Lord Lan was all huffing with steam in the back. Now that he’s been pointed out by his daughter-in-law there, that already grumpy face became even grumpier.

“What are you blabbing on about? When did I ever talk about him all night?”

No matter what he’s not going to admit it.

Breaking free from the old granny’s embrace, Bai Xiachen then trotted over to the old great grandfather and cried out with his arms reaching out: “Grandpa, hug.”

Practically instantaneous, that frowning mouth spontaneously curved into a smile. But due to his image and the presence of the others, he promptly changed it back to a grumpy one after the small slip up.

“You are so old already, still asking for a hug?” Having said that, Old Lord Lan didn’t exactly match his words there. Moving those hands, he gladly picked up the child into his lap.

Smiling innocently, Bai Xiachen tugged at that beard like an average child: “Great Grandfather, I wanted to meet you. Mother would often mention you over the years.”

“Oh?” Shifting his gaze over to Bai Yan, then back at the little steam bun: “What did your mother say about me? Is it to complain about how I didn’t care about her over the years?”

“Of course not! Mother said you are the greatest person in the whole world and that she always admired you. But because she’s too ashamed back then, she didn’t dare come visit you. Also, now that we are here, she said we won’t be leaving and can be with you from now on!”

Twitching in the mouth, Bai Yan was seriously questioning her own memories, When did I ever say that?

Ever since she became reborn into this world, the only memorable impression she had was her brother Bai Xiao there. As for these people in the Lan family, she only got acquainted with them recently.

However much a lie those words are from the little guy, it’s clearly making the old grandpa very happy. Blooming with delight even though he’s still making that coffin face, no one was going to break it today.

“So your mother was always talking about me eh? Hurry and tell great grandfather here. What else did your mother say?”

Looking at the smiling expression of her grandfather, Bai Yan’s heart became a little bittersweet. So this is what a family is like. Only a few words and that’s enough to make one so happy with affection…

Scratching that tiny head, Bai Xiachen puts on a forgetful face: “There are too many that I can’t remember them all, but before that, I brought some gifts for Great Grandfather and everyone!”



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