Overturning the Heavens chapter 128

Chapter 128 “True Affection (1)”

“The royal family will take charge in searching for her if she’s missing, it has nothing to do with us.” Stretching lazily from her bed, “Brother, go find Xiachen and I’ll take him to our grandparent’s place later.”

The incident from last night will surely raise the awareness of the Lan family so explaining her son’s existence wouldn’t be difficult.

“Sister, have you finally decided to let Xiachen meet them?” Bai Xiao’s expression looked very excited, even more so than the matter regarding the queen’s disappearance.

Nodding to confirm her answer, “Then I’ll go find him now to tell him this good news.”

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Bai Xiachen’s greatest hope was to get the family’s recognition. If he were to learn that he’s able to come out in the open, its certain that he will be very excited!

As such, Bai Xiao immediately ran out of the room after saying this sentence, leaving only the somewhat dazed Bai Yan in the background.


At the moment, Bai Xiachen was nestling in the Wang family’s estate. With a pig trotter in hand, his mouth was full of grease: “How is it? Isn’t my mother’s cooking awesome? I robbed it from Little Rice.”

Considering how proud he looks, one will surely take it as a form of gloating over her mother’s awesomeness.

“Xiachen, didn’t you say you are going to leave?” Stuffed with meat in his big fat mouth, Wang Xiaopeng (chubby) could barely make his words audible.

Pinching his mouth to the side, the boy sounded displeased in his voice: “Don’t remind me. Just when I was about to leave, the big baddie caught me. Fortunately though, I don’t have to hide anymore because of that.” Blinking his big baby eyes, he used a baiting tone to continue his words: “Let me tell you a secret, I also ran off to find that bad woman to get revenge.”

“Then does that mean you won’t have to leave? That’s awesome then!” Taking another bite from the pig trotter, Wang Xiaopeng appeared quite excited at the news, “To tell you the truth, I was going to miss you a lot.”

Miss me?

Who was the one who completely tossed me aside over some sugar beans the other day?

There’s clearly still a hint of grudge over his friend’s treatment from yesterday.

“Xiachen!” Suddenly, a call for him came from the outside.

“Uncle is calling for me now.” Jumping up from the chair, he first wiped the grease from his mouth before turning back to his friends. “Xiaopeng (chubby), Xiaptong (little sister), I am very happy to have met you two. Let’s be good friends for a lifetime.”

Now that he doesn’t need to be sent back, it also means he no longer have to worry about leaving behind these newfound friends of his.

At no time before this had he been happier.

Blinking his chubby eyes, Wang Xiaopeng also felt happy over his friend’s situation as he watched that disappearing back….

After leaving the Wang family’s home, Bai Xiachen immediately saw a young boy quietly standing to the side of the road. Delighted by the sight, he quickly trotted over with his tiny legs and jumped into those arms: “Uncle, before I only had Mother and my grandshifus, oh yes, there’s also Godfather and Sister Chu. But now I got so many family and friends, I’m so happy!”

Poor Little Rice, the boy manages to mention everyone but him…

“Xiachen….” Aching inside, Bai Xiao gently caresses that tiny head with warmth: “In the future, the number of people around you will only grow more and more.”

“Really?” Bai Xiachen’s eyes were very bright, brighter than the very stars in the night. “However, the most important person in my heart is still Mother.”

Breaking out into a laugh, Bai Xiao was truly touched by the little guy’s affection towards his mother.


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