Overturning the Heavens chapter 126

Chapter 126 “This Vicious Bai Ruo (2)”

Ning Dai wasn’t stupid beyond help, otherwise she wouldn’t have made it so far in the harem. As to why she would blindly do something like provoking Di Cang, it’s because of trust, trust that Bai Ruo wouldn’t go behind her back to trick her.

“Bai Ruo!” Squeezing hard down at her sleeves, Ning Dai’s face became twisted due to the boiling rage inside her heart. “Have I ever done her wrong? Why would she use me? Granny, go to His Majesty the King tomorrow and tell him everything. Tell him its all Bai Ruo’s idea!”

If you are going to do that then don’t blame me! I won’t go down alone!

“So Mother is not at the point of being hopelessly stupid yet.” It was exactly at this moment a light chuckle came from the outside.

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Stiffening in her expression, Ning Dai then changed from surprise to utter fury in her eyes as she watched the swaying figure coming over.

“Bai Ruo, you still dare come see me?” Jolting up from her seat, the former queen resented every second of this.

If it’s not for this girl… I would not have been abolished from my position, nor would I have been banished to the Cold Palace!

“Queen Mother.” Gently smiling, Bai Ruo enters the room without care: “Of course I have to come see you. If not, then wouldn’t that mean your precious son would see through to my true face?”

“You…” Pointing with rage in her gesture, the woman widens her eye over Bai Ruo’s openness to admit the deed, “So it is you! It’s all your plot!”

“Oh Mother, I didn’t want this to happen either but I must make my sister marry Lord Cang. That’s why I had you place that decree. However, I really didn’t expect your status inside His Majesty’s heart to be so low.”

Smiling with a knife hidden underneath that warmth, Bai Ruo slowly moves in on the former queen, driving the woman into a corner wither her intimidating figure.

“Your Highness, be careful!” Going green in her complexion, the granny hurries to pull Ning Dai behind herself. “Crown Princess, if you come any closer then I will scream for help,” the old granny’s voice was hoarse and threatening.

“Ho-ho-ho.” Giggling derisively, Bai Ruo’s voice remains soft and gentle as she spoke: “You seem to have forgotten this place is the Cold Palace. Even if you scream on top of your lunge, no one is going to come. What’s more, the patrolling guards are currently changing their shift, meaning there’s not a soul that can come save you.”

Going ghostly white in her expression, Ning Dai knew what the girl meant by this. Without outside help, she’s done for here because she may be the former queen, but her cultivation was utterly useless. Meaning if Bai Ruo wishes to kill them now, neither herself or the granny here can resist…

“But…” Pausing to let her voice sink in: “No matter what you are still my child’s grandmother. For the sake of my son, I will give you a choice. Either hang yourself using the ceiling beam, or… I can help you.”

Trembling in her voice: “You vile woman, even if I become a ghost, I will forever haunt you!”

“Oh Mother, I’m without options either. If you don’t die then I won’t be at ease when I sleep.” Bringing out the poisonous wine and hanging rope she prepared ahead of time, Bai Ruo threateningly inched forward again: “You got two choices here. Either take this poisonous wine or this rope to hang yourself. Pick one, or I will.”

Ning Dai understand it’s over, there’s no escape for her tonight. Looking at the poisonous wine, her eyes were full of hatred and regret: “Bai Ruo, I will never let you get away with this even in death!”

As soon as her words came out, she makes a grab for the wine and chugged it down her throat.

YOUR HIGHNESS, DON’T!” The old granny’s heart shuddered at the sight and wanted to stop it. Unfortunately for the old woman, her movements can never match a much younger Ning Dai.

In a blink of an eye, the poisoned woman took to the floor and curled into a ball due to the extreme pain in her bowel. Powerless and weak, blood begins to seep out of her lips from the corner.


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  1. She does not have to drink, I meant she could just refused and struggle. I am sure with her maid and her they would be able to fought her off… Thanks for this chapter.

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      • Thing is, they don’t necessarily have to “win”. Any signs of struggle means that someone managed to get into the cold palace and that should be limited to the imperial family.

        I doubt the Emperor would keep the news quiet from his son and *that* might raise some alarm bells as to who did what.

        The way this is shaping out, Bai Ruo gets to continue being a white lotus with no additional suspicion and the Empress died literally for nothing

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            • Because she can’t think like you did that’s why she killed her self… maybe she was betting that at least that Bai Ruo is reason love with her son

                • I said she might love her son… *shrug* you love the son doesn’t mean you have to love his mother…. for villain logic… =_= how long do you wanna argue with me over this stupid topic?

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