Overturning the Heavens chapter 125

Chapter 125 “This Vicious Bai Ruo (1)”

“Husband.” Seeing Bai Zheng Xiang quiet and not talking, Yu Rong quickly follows up to give the final push, “Don’t forget, Bai Yan still has the Lan family on her side.”

The meaning of that was if Bai Yan does come out on top, the only people she will help would be that family and their own Bai household can only stand in the back henceforth.

“You don’t need to say more,” he furrows his brow. “I understand what you are implying. Let’s do this then, once Zhi is safe, I will go find Bai Yan to talk.”

In reality, when Bai Zhi became jailed, he did in fact try to go look for Bai Yan to help him persuade Di Cang to let the girl out. Unfortunately, when he tried, the people from the Lan family blocked his entry, forcing him to lose any chances of meeting the girl….

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Just thinking of his youngest daughter, Bai Zheng Xiang would feel his head aching in pain. “You go back first and rest. I still need to think of a solution to save Bai Zhi tomorrow. Also, I indeed owe Bai Yan a lot. If she is willing to obey me this time, I hope that in the future you can treat her like your own daughter forward and not like before.”

To Yu Rong, she will only believe in her own flesh and blood, not some girl through another woman so the request was entirely wasted. Also, it’s precisely because of this point that she’s been trying so hard over the years to control the entire Bai House in the palm of her hand.

“I understand.” Hanging her head low, “Its getting late now so I will first take my leave. Please rest soon too my husband.”

After giving this speech, Yu Rong made a slight bow and then turned away without looking back. But once she’s out of sight and no one’s looking, that well-kept face promptly turned into a twisted scowl.

Bai Xiachen!

Just thinking of that name would make her want to rip that boy apart. In her mind, she intends to make Bai Zhi become Di Cang’s wife. Then once that’s done, the first thing she will do was to finish that little beast off.

Without saying anything at all here, she silently disappeared into the night with a stream of vile thoughts coming out from her soul.


Inside the palace, Ning Dai (queen) was no longer her noble self. Sitting on that poorly ordained wooden chair, only the moonlight gave way to her presence here.

“Your Highness.” The old granny walks up to the woman, her voice distressed based on that tone: “You haven’t eaten all day, please have something first.”

Glancing at the plain porridge placed before her, Ning Dai could only raise a bitter smile in the face of this, “I have no appetite.”

She’s always been pampered all her life so how can she partake in such low quality porridge?


“Granny,” biting her lip. “The king wouldn’t just ignore me, here would he? I’m sure it’s only temporary. Once his temper is settled, I’m sure we will be summoned back out.”

Making a soft sigh, the old granny weakly replied: “Highness… This time we’ve really made the wrong move here. Crown Princess, she used us for her own scheme.”

Going stiff in the body, Ning Dai’s usual dignified face was pale as her hands clenched into a tight ball. “Granny, what do you mean by that?”

“I’ve went outside earlier to inquire around. The Bai family chief had out sought His Highness the Crown Prince before, he wanted make his youngest daughter Bai Zhi into the Sovereign Princess. However, they were firmly rejected, hence the reason why Bai Ruo came to you.” The old granny’s express went darker at this part, “They wanted to use you to achieve their goal and now we are suffering as a result.”

At the beginning Nangong Yi had in fact thought about making Bai Zhi enter the Cang Manor, but ever since that incident outside the restaurant where the girl ruined her own image, the idea was quickly squashed. Therefore, the prince never could’ve imagined why his own mother would make such a foolish decision that day.


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