Overturning the Heavens chapter 124

Chapter 124 “The Shameless Bai Family (2)”

There’s one more thing Bai Zheng Xiang didn’t say here.

Since early this morning when they saw how the king had abolished the queen in front of everyone for Di Cang’s sake, it’s imperative that they rethink the man’s status in this country. Apparently its not so simple!

And if it wasn’t for Yu Rong’s stupid move of trying to sell his daughter, things never would’ve come this far. All he would’ve needed to do was say a few good words and everything would be good, not like now where it’s deadlocked and no way back.

“Husband,” a scheming light flickered across that weeping eye. “I can guarantee you that the man whom Bai Yan met with back then wasn’t Di Cang! I just don’t know what sort of means she used to fool Di Cang into thinking its her!”

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How can a man allow such an unclean woman to stick around themselves? Therefore, Yu Rong was certain Bai Yan used some sort of trick to fool the man into thinking it’s her.

“Why are you so sure?” Shooting a cold glance her way, Bai Zheng Xiang asked with a hint of doubt in his voice.

Biting her teeth, Yu Rong figured she might as well lie all the way since its come to this: “Six years ago Bai Yan did in fact have an affair with a person! I know because I would often see her sneaking out while you are away from home. Then when she became impregnated, the man abandoned her!”

If it was in the past, Bai Zheng Xiang would certainly believe every word of it. But after this incident, his trust can only be called average at best. He intends to maintain a doubting attitude unless proven otherwise.

“Besides…” Yu Rong’s eye went dark, “Since Bai Yan will no longer recognize our family, then it won’t be beneficial to us if she becomes Lord Cang’s wife. I think its better if we try to send our youngest daughter Zhi over instead.”

Hearing that idiotic suggestion, Bai Zheng Xiang instantly flew into a fitting rage: “Are you that blind to not see the man’s attitude towards our youngest daughter? If anyone is going to disapprove, it would be Di Cang first!”

“Husband,” swaying over to the man. “You are still Bai Yan’s father. As the old saying goes, a marriage must get the parents blessing before it becomes valid. She did not get your permission, hence it’s a great disrespect to you. If you put some pressure on her, I’m certain she won’t go against you and will willfully give up the main wife position. When that’s done, all you have to do is give her some benefits.”

Now that’s when Bai Zheng Xiang went silent.

What his wife said there was correct. Rather then letting Bai Yan become Di Cang’s wife, he would much rather send Bai Zhi into the Cang Manor.

At the very least his youngest daughter was clever and sensible. Meanwhile Bai Yan was rebellious and out of his control.

“What’s more.” Deliberately moving her hair to cover that bruised cheek, she attempts to sound better by making her voice softer: “My Zhi is her younger sister. What’s wrong with yielding her position for the younger one?”

“But Lord Cang’s side…” Frowning, a flicker of worry could be seen in the man’s eye.

“That’s easy to solve.” Making a small giggle, Yu Rong forms a confident smile: “Isn’t the reason why he’s into Bai Yan a misunderstanding? As long as we persuade him the girl from six years ago isn’t Bai Yan and is our Zhi instead, I’m sure Lord Cang would take responsibility considering his character.”

The whole incident from back then was orchestrated by them so Yu Rong had full confidence Di Cang wasn’t looking for Bai Yan. Now all they need to do was redirect that powerful man’s attention to Bai Zhi and all will be good!

Silent and wordless, Bai Zheng Xiang had a complicated look in his eyes. If things weren’t like this – Bai Yan becoming Di Cang’s wife – he might have perhaps tried to make up for the fault he’s given his daughter after learning the truth. But now, the lass was all grown up and there’s no way she would play by his rules anymore.

As such……

He’s left with no choice but to send his youngest daughter Bai Zhi up to that position instead while sacrificing Bai Yan once again.



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    As for scheming against Di Cang, that’s just playing with fire. Who is the Empress? Who is the Imperial Family? notice that even they had to give way to Di Cang. Even attempting to mess with a power that their Emperor is afraid of offending… … Clearly there’s some logical flaws here right? I can’t be the only one thinking this is absolutely stupid right?

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