Overturning the Heavens chapter 121

Chapter 121 “Ruined (2)”

Yu Rong’s head was buzzing with a ring. In the face of the Qian family coming to extort her, she became so angry that she blurted out her response without bothering to think it through.

“Don’t even try to blackmail me, I’ve already returned the Dan pill to you guys back then so why are you here asking for it?”

When she first opened her mouth, Old Madam Yu already knew its going to be bad and nearly lost her heart there. Unfortunately for the old granny, it was already too late for her to stop that mistake.


Literally detonating inside their heads, the crowd was so overwhelmed by these shocking revelations that they couldn’t even come to terms with what they heard…

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Now they are certain, Bai Yan didn’t leave back then because she wanted to elope with another man, it’s a desperate attempt to avoid being sold as a concubine to an old grandpa by the Bai family!

“Yu Rong!” Bai Xiao narrowed in on the woman, his eyes bloodthirsty and raving with frost: “Six years ago you persecuted my sister and forced her to flee, but that’s not enough for you is it? You went and made all those lies just to ruin her reputation!”

“But don’t you forget, everything that’s going in your mouth, everything that you are wearing, all of it belongs to my mother! In the end, this is how you treat my sister?”

The most ironic part of it all was Bai Xiao himself had once resented his own sister too. He wanted to know why she would leave without saying goodbye and leaving him behind alone in this wretched place.

But now, he understands. It’s not selfishness that drove his sister to leave, it’s humiliation and pain…

“I…” Yu Rong’s lip started to tremble as all color left her already ghostly face. Now, she couldn’t even utter another word due to how weak she felt.

Its over!

It’s all over!

Never in her life had she felt so defeated.

“Uncle, I want to go home.” Wrapping his arms around the young man’s neck, Bai Xiachen eyes were sparkling with light.

“Okay, we’ll go home. From now on you will never have to come to this polluted place again.” Tightly embracing the little steam bun in his arms, Bai Xiao swore to himself that he will never let his sister and nephew come to any harm again.


A while later when Bai Xiao brought the little rascal back to the old manor, he was shocked to find Lady Chu already present inside. This naturally puzzled the young man.

“Mother! Auntie Hualuo!”

Breaking free from his uncle’s arm, Bai Xiachen hurriedly ran up to Bai Yan’s side and pounced into her embrace. In a swift move, he gave the woman a smooch on the face before anything else.

“Mother, I just solved a hidden danger for you today. Even if we do anything bad to the Bai family in the future, no one will ever say anything bad about us!”

Watching her son’s dirty appearance, Bai Yan’s first reaction wasn’t to praise the boy, but to pinch that little nose: “How did you get your face so dirty? Hurry and go watch your face.”

“This is all Little Rice’s fault,” pinching his mouth in discontent. “I already told him you don’t like kids that’s dirty and messy, but he insisted on smothering dirt on my clothes and face.”

Yep, Little Rice must be jealous of me, that’s why he made me look so dirty in front of Mother.

“And you still got the nerve to say that! Who is that first wanted to light my fur on fire?” Rolling his tiger eyes, Little Rice counters with his own version.

Not backing down, the baby boy stabs his cute little fists onto his hip and said: “If I didn’t do that then how can I make it look like we escaped from the fire?”

Listening to this strange dialogue between man and beast, Bai Xiao only had this going on in his head, What is going on?

“Uncle,” turning to face that confused young man behind himself. “I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that I didn’t want anyone to say that my mother wasn’t right, hence the reason why I took it upon myself for the task. In the future, no one can ever humiliate Mother again.”

Regaining his composure, Bai Xiao felt very complicated inside. He’s happy over his nephew’s intelligence, but also sad that the boy would be like this.

What sort of suffering did they go through to make this little guy so sensible?


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