Overturning the Heavens chapter 120

Chapter 120 “Ruined (1)”

Demon Beast?

Everyone was surprised. Turning their head, they all had their sight on the little cat squatting on the boy’s shoulder.

“Meow.” Licking his paws, the little white cat had a clean look that meant ‘I am just an ordinary cat, not some demon beast you all think I am.”

“How laughable, an ordinary cat would turn into a demon beast under your mouth.”

“I believe the child’s words. If he’s faking it then his acting skills are too realistic. How can a five-year-old child be so good?”

Listening those discussions, Yu Rong’s face became extremely ugly. Sweeping her angry gaze over the crowd, a dangerous gleam emulated out of her eye. “If I hear anyone maligning me again then don’t blame me for being rude!”

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Though unreasonable and ridiculous, her statement did hold enough weight to silence the crowd.

Sneering with contempt, Yu Rong then thought, So what? As long as I don’t admit it then these people can’t do anything.

“Oh? Madame Bai, your place sure is lively.” The sudden entry of this charming voice left Yu Rong utterly frozen on the spot.

Looking in front at the woman coming over, she made an uncomfortable expression: “What are you doing here?”

In the entire city, pretty much everyone knew who this Lady Chu of the Flower Brothel was. Considering her background, none would dare provoke or touch her unless there’s some sort of great grudge.

As such, the crowd was starting to suspect whether or not Yu Rong had some sort of relationship with this Lady Chu…. Maybe there’s some under the table deal that they don’t know yet.

“I had just finished telling one of my superiors about your proposal and they are very interested. Now then, where is that grandson of yours that you spoke about? I remember his name is called Bai Xiachen is it not?” Masking a charming smile, the seductive woman scans the crowd with her meaningful gaze.

Going white instantly in her complexion, Yu Rong attempts to salvage the situation: “I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Next second, Lady Chu’s face went dark: “What? You want to go back on your words? Who is it that came to my place today and said they want to sell their own grandson? Now that I’ve spent so much effort and got my superiors attention, you go and turn around and refuse?”


Talk about being sensational! This literally exploded among crowd, raising all sorts of looks and discussions among the people.

She claims the baby boy’s words are fake, then what about Lady Chu’s?

Slightly trembling in her lips, Yu Rong didn’t know how to react. For some reason, she’s got the aching sensation that everything was a setup and she’s being conned into it.

“Yu Rong!” Squeezing his hand into a tight hard ball, Bai Xiao’s eyes were bloodshot red as he spoke: “What grandmother? My mother passed away long ago. You’re nothing but a snake-hearted and poisonous woman! My nephew here is but a baby boy, yet you can still try to sell him to the Flower Brothel?”


Practically exploding inside her mind, Yu Rong staggered backwards from losing her balance. Right now, she only knew her image she had so painstakingly built up over the years became ruined in this instant.

“Move aside, move aside!”

All of a sudden, a series of footsteps drifted over. Once the guards managed to clear a path through the encircling crowd, an old looking man came forward.

“I am the housekeeper of the Qian family. This time I am here to retrieve the Dan pill from Yu Rong.” Moving up to the dazed woman, he makes a condescending face: “Madame Bai, I heard Bai Yan is back so why didn’t you notify me? My master would still like to make her his concubine, but before then, I would like you to return the Dan pill we gave you from six years ago for Bai Yan’s hand in marriage. Despite the girl escaping in the end, you never bothered to return the wedding gift we gave you!”


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