Overturning the Heavens chapter 119

Chapter 119 “Bai Xiachen is the Scheming One (2)”


The crowd instantly exploded. There’s shock, there’s horror, and there’s disbelief!

The Bai family would actually sell their own grandchild to the Flower Brothel? And set him on fire?

They never knew that the madam of the Bai House would be such a cruel and heartless person. How can someone do such immortal deeds?

“What are you talking about?” Yu Rong literally went blue in the face here.

It’s no lie I wanted to sell him, but when did I set him on fire?

Trembling again with that tiny body, Bai Xiachen scurried even closer to his uncle’s chest at the yell.

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Distressed over the little guy’s appearance, Bai Xiao gently rubs that head to sooth the fear: “Don’t be afraid Xiachen, I won’t let anyone hurt you here. Tell me, what happened?”

“Uncle, you wouldn’t sell me right?” Sniffling with his nose, that dirty face only made his innocent act even more believable. “I really am good, please don’t sell me.”

At this point Bai Xiao can only feel his heart being ripped apart. Due to the excruciating pain, his forehead inexplicably furrowed into a knot despite keeping his gentle look at the boy.

“Don’t worry, I will never sell you to anyone.”

“Then that’s relieving.” Slowly exhaling to match that sentence, he then begins to explain: “This old woman just now claimed to be my grandmother and demanded I go voluntarily offer myself to the Flower Brothel. I didn’t want to and told them I want to see my mother. Then that woman said my mother don’t matter and that only she can decide my fate.”

In that instant, both contempt and disgust all fell upon Yu Rong’s body, leaving no question about how the crowd felt about this.

Under those scrutinizing and deploring eyes, Yu Rong started to shake incessantly. Angrily pointing at the little runt, she lashes out without bothering to keep up her image: “Bai Xiachen! If you keep slandering me then I will rip out that dirty mouth of yours!”

Shuddering again like before at the holler, the baby boy shrinks further back into his uncle’s chest and hid his face from sight.

“Uncle, I’m so scared. Earlier when I said I don’t want to go to the Flower Brothel, she said she will tie me up and burn me with fire.” That tender voice still sounding pitiful as ever, winning the hearts of the crowd even more.

“Originally I thought she was only threatening me, but when night came around, she really did that. If not for Little Rice helping me to escape in time, I wouldn’t get to see Uncle anymore…” Turning all sobby, nothing can possibly break through the kid’s act at this point.

Sure enough, Bai Xiao felt immeasurable guilt over bringing his nephew to the Bai House today.

If I had failed… He can’t even imagine the consequences at the thought.

Likely sensing the emotions seeping out of the young man’s body, Bai Xiachen’s clutching hand grew even tighter because this was mainly caused by his lie. But for his mother, he can only wrong his uncle here for a bit. When its over, he will certainly explain everything.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense!” Yu Rong had gone completely crazy by now. Her eyes maddeningly red as she shouted aloud: “He is Bai Yan’s son so he’s definitely not any good either! It’s all a lie, a slandering claim!”

For these words, the audience only had a scorned look on their faces because they didn’t buy it at all.

A five-year-old kid can lie? Look at that frightened face and trembling body!

“Bai Xiachen!” Yu Rong angrily roars: “It was clearly you who had that freaking cat bite me. Now you are twisting the story and claiming its me who’s trying to harm you? Do you have no shame?!”

“Madame Bai,” it was through great difficulty that Bai Xiao even managed to say that much. “There are so many guards in the Bai House, plus your strength isn’t weak either so you actually expect us to believe your nonsense? Do you take us for fools?”

Gritting her teeth to the point it’s making a grating sound, “That’s no ordinary cat, it’s a demon beast!”


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