Overturning the Heavens chapter 118

Chapter 118 “Bai Xiachen is the Scheming One (1)”

“Uncle, what are you doing?” This sound was very familiar, so familiar that it caused Bai Xiao to tear up on the spot. He slowly turned around, and in that moment a small tiny figure appeared before his eyes.

A bit messy in the hair, a bit dirty on the face, and a few holes in his clothes, but the baby boy was perfectly fine otherwise. If anyone needs to complain here, it should be Little Rice because he has a few burnt patches of fur on his body.


Bai Xiao only needed a few big strides to step up to his nephew here. Holding the precious boy in his arms, he couldn’t stop his hands from violently shaking due to how happy yet fearful he was.

“It’s good that you are fine…”

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Seemingly aware of his uncle’s fear, Bai Xiachen didn’t make any movements here and simply allowed Bai Xiao to firmly hug him.

“Tell me, what happened?” Still shaky in his voice, he only relented that firm hug after a long while because he can’t even imagine what sort of fate would befall this little guy if he didn’t come out.

“Uncle…” Shrinking his tiny body further into his uncle’s chest, that tender voice was rather pitiful to the ear when heard: “I want to go home. These people are all bad and mean.”

“Okay, I’ll take you home.” Seeing the aggrieved look on the little steam bun, Bai Xiao can only feel his heart tensing up in pain. Standing up with the boy in his embrace, the two headed for the outside without bothering with the burning wreckage in the background.

But as it so happens, this was exactly the moment when Yu Rong and Old Madam Yu came over with their people to help put out the fire. Seeing the boy wanting to take her prize away, Yu Rong immediately grew furious: “Where are you going with that twerp!”

Forming a sneering smirk, Bai Xiao laid it out bluntly: “I’m sending him back to his mother.”

“And who said you can leave?” Seething in her eyes, she roars, “Without my permission, no one is leaving this household!”

Don’t joke around, I still need this little beast to build up a relationship with the Flower Brothel!

Seeing his uncle’s fist tightening into a ball, Bai Xiachen swiftly hooked his tiny hands around the boy’s neck and cried: “Uncle, run!”

As soon as that abrupt cry came out from below, Bai Xiao didn’t even need to think twice and made a dash for the outside. He knew far too well what sort of people they were so it didn’t even strike him as odd his nephew would say something like this.

“Chase after them, don’t let them run away!” Yu Rong angrily stamped her feet as she gave out that order. Then looking to the side, she made another order to a maid: “Go find my husband right now!”

After escaping from the crowd inside, it didn’t take long for Bai Xiao to flee out of the estate with the baby boy in hand. Then like a pre-orchestrated act, Bai Xiachen suddenly burst into tears here, raising the awareness of every pedestrian nearby on the street to that miserable cry.

Though many of these people never met the baby boy here, but they are perfectly aware of his identity and that he’s Bai Yan’s son. The reasoning, it’s because of the incident earlier today where Bai Xiachen made such a big scene in front of the open public. Pretty much the entire city are talking about it now.

“Don’t cry Xiachen, I will bring you back to your mother now and will never bring you here again.” Watching the weeping child in his arms, Bai Xiao became very distressed inside.

That fire must have scared him….

It was also at this moment that the guards came running out from the building. Making a circling formation, they blocked off any path for escape for the two here.

Then as if frightened by the appearance of Yu Rong and Old Madam Yu that came out soon afterwards, the baby boy’s cry grew even louder.

“Wahhh, I beg you, please don’t sell me! Don’t light me on fire! I really, really am good and obedient!”

“Uncle, I want to go find Mother, I don’t’ want to be sold to the Flower Brothel!”


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