Overturning the Heavens chapter 117

Chapter 117 “The Child Arsonist”

Yu Rong’s eyes changed from the initial horror to a direct panic: “What are you planning to do?” Her voice sounded abnormally high pitched right now.

“I am just trying to scare you there, to think you would take it so seriously.” The Bai family will eventually fall into Uncle’s hand so of course I won’t burn away his property.”

His uncle already mentioned it before. The reasoning he wouldn’t leave this place was so that the wealth their mother brought over wouldn’t fall into this bad woman’s hand.

“You…” Gnashing her teeth, Yu Rong roared: “You dare scare me?”

“If you still don’t leave then don’t blame me for burning your home.”

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Despite his young age, Bai Xiachen’s voice and attitude already carried the image of a king. No longer soft and melting here, his words are commanding and strong.

“You think you can still leave after coming here?” Vicious in her words, “Just wait until your grandfather returns. When he does, I will have him properly teach you a lesson!”

Having said this, Yu Rong made a heavy grunt and then led the guards away. But before she left, she made sure to lock up the door so the runt can’t escape.

Once out of sight, the woman then gave the guards behind her an angry glare: “All of you are useless, can’t even handle a single child!”

“Madame….” One of the guards weakly replied, “The cat from back there… I think it’s a demon beast. We couldn’t move at all when we tried.”

Demon Beast?!

These two words causes Yu Rong to go gloomy: “Even if it is a demon beast, there are still a difference between weak and strong. Did you not see that little kitty? How strong can it possibly be? When my husband comes back I will have that runt and his pesky cat suffer!”

Just thinking about the words from the runt would make her face distort even more.


Night, a time where the moon rises and the sun falls.

Yu Rong remains anxiously waiting inside her room for her husband’s return. Due to the matter with Bai Zhi being locked inside the prison, Bai Zheng Xiang had been running around all day for a solution.

Then all of a sudden, the darkness became lit ablaze with a powerful light from the other end of the estate.

“What happened?” Yu Rong immediately stood up, her complexion not looking so well.

“Madam,” a guard rushes into the room. Due to the oppressive gaze coming his way, the man immediately lost his nerve and took to the floor: “There seems to be a fire going on at the young master’s quarter. It’s said to have originated from the side room.”

Bai Xiao’s side room?

Isn’t that where the runt is staying?

Going dark in her complexion, Yu Rong harshly lashes out: “What are you still doing here then? Go put out the fire!”

Although she hated the little runt, but the loss she will incur wouldn’t be small if the kid does die inside the fire.

“Yes, Madame.” Accepting the order, the guard retreats.

Very soon, the entire estate was screaming with calls to put out the flame.


Naturally, the first one to take notice of the fire was Bai Xiao since his room was the closest. But before he could run inside to save his nephew, the guards had already blocked him in his path.

“Young Master, you can’t go in.”

“Scram!” Filled with rage, Bai Xiao’s voice was frosty and cold: “Don’t make me say it a second time!”

Inside was his precious nephew so how can he just stand by and watch? Therefore, he must go in or regret will forever plague his mind.

“Young Master, the fire is very strong right now. You really can’t go inside.”


As soon as those words came to an end, the guard in question instantly found his chest being smashed in by a powerful punch and flew out.

“If anything happens to my nephew then I will have Yu Rong die with him as compensation!”

After dropping this sentence, he didn’t think at all and wanted to rush into the sea of flame. However, it was at this moment when a soft melting voice chimed in from the side, freezing up that body as a result.


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