Overturning the Heavens chapter 115

Chapter 115 “Arson (1)”

“Wait until Mistress completely destroys the Bai family, then you can rest.”

Destroy the Bai family? When is that then?

Frowning, Lady Chu complies anyways, “I will take my leave then.”

She knows Hualuo’s personality quite well. Once the woman says something, she won’t easily change her mind. As such, Lady Chu can only continue to approach that disgusting woman.


At the same time somewhere else, Yu Rong had just returned to her home after meeting with Lady Chu at the Flower Brothel. Considering how worried her eyes look, it’s certainly not a good thing.

Sure enough, a glimmer of cruelty could be found inside her irises just then. Quickly picking up her pace, she heads for the east wing of the estate.

Inside his room.

Bai Xiachen was currently teasing the little tiger when he suddenly heard a series of loud footsteps outside his door.

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“Little Rice, she’s coming.” A bright and beautiful smile escapes that cute face.

As soon as his voice died down, the door was pushed open and in came Yu Rong in her extravagant getup. “You are Xiachen, right? I am your grandmother.”

“Really?” Climbing up from the ground, Bai Xiachen’s big innocent eye sparkled with deviousness: “I have another grandmother?”

Seeing the innocent appearance of the steam bun, Yu Rong only had contempt in her face.

Nothing but an ordinary child, I wonder how he could make Mother get so angry.

“It’s true.” Chuckling with sinister tone: “Years ago when your mother was still around, your great grandmother loved her the most. But because of how unfilial and morally corrupt she was, I had to worry about her every single day.”

Bai Xiachen’s smile grew even more innocent: “But my mother told me my other grandmother is long gone already. Now there’s only an old witch left in the Bai House. Can I know if you are that old witch?”

In a flash, that pretentious smile on the woman’s face stiffened up. If she could, Yu Rong would love to smack the little thing to death at this point.

However, recalling her purpose for coming here, she resisted the urge to lash out. Continuing on with her awkward smile: “You are wrong, what your mother wanted to tell you is I am your grandmother, and the one that’s dead is the old witch that like’s to seduce men.”

Even if Lanyue was dead years ago, Yu Rong’s hatred for the woman remains as strong as ever because if it weren’t for her, she herself wouldn’t have been stuck being a concubine for so many years.

“Then did you bring me some sugar beans?” Raising those watery and anticipating eyes, the boy’s voice was meltingly soft to the ear.

Nothing but a child still!

Making a cynical smirk, Yu Rong then went ahead to bring out a handful of real sugar beans from her pocket. “Xiachen, these sugar beans are your cousin’s favorite snack. He’s the royal grandson, a boy that’s loved by thousands…”

Before her words could even finish, Bai Xiachen had already snatched one into his mouth. But without so much as a bite, the boy promptly spat it back out.

“These gross sugar beans wouldn’t even be palatable for my Little Rice here. How can you give me such nasty stuff! What my mother said is right, you are the old witch!” His voice all grumpy and innocent despite all that foulness.

Going from green to white, then from white to green, Yu Rong’s expression looked so distorted that any random kid would instantly cry from fright: “As expected of that little bitch’s son. No wonder my mother would be so annoyed by you! I will hand you over to the Flower Brothel, then you will know what it means to be a proper child!”

At that time, you will wish you were dead!

Once Yu Rong revealed her true self, Bai Xiachen likewise too stopped keeping up his act: “You want to sell me to the Flower Brothel? What is going on in your head that you can’t resolve?”

Currently grooming himself on the side, Little Rice also nodded in approval because he too was wondering what’s going on inside this woman’s head.

Sell his little master to the Flower Brothel? She must have something she can’t resolve inside to do something so stupid!


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