Overturning the Heavens chapter 114

Chapter 114 “I’m his Grandmother”

Inside the private room, a waft of soothing fragrance could be picked up by the nose upon entry. This left Yu Rong very uncomfortable because she’s accustomed to these types of settings: “I have a child in my hand that looks very good, even better than those fairy boys from the stories. I can sell him to you.”

Lady Chu pricked her brow, Doesn’t this Bai family only have one grandson? It can’t be, she’s daring enough to sell a child of the royal family?

“Madame Bai, as far as I know, there is only one grandchild in your family and that is the son of Crown Prince Nangong Yi. Don’t tell me you are planning to sell the royal grandson to our Flower Brothel?”

“No,” Yu Rong hurriedly shook her head. “I still have another grandson. He is Bai Yan’s son. I have here his portrait so please have a look.” After that, she immediately took out the rushed portrait and lay it out in front of the woman.

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Although Lady Chu continues to keep up her smile while she did so, those eyes are clearly cold.

“Madame Bai, I heard that Bai Yan’s mother is Lanyue. If that’s the case, you technically don’t count as her mother, meaning you are not the child’s grandmother. Do you even have the right to decide his fate?”

This woman is real bold! She actually has the audacity to sell Mistress’s own son? And of all the places they want to sell to, it’s the Flower Brothel?

“Lady Chu, that’s your misunderstanding.” Making an assuring smile: “Bai Yan’s mother died early on, making me her mother now. If I want to sell my own grandson then that’s a matter of course. You can see that face too. The kid is definitely a one in a thousand. And if you still aren’t satisfied then you can even take Bai Yan along with him. For them both, I only have one condition.”

“I want to see the head of the Flower Brothel, or even an elder or guardian will do too!”

“Madame Bai, we have a rule here in the Flower Brothel. If anyone wishes to sell themselves to us, they must come in person and agree to the terms. Otherwise, we will never accept them.” Slowly standing up, Lady Chu’s voice became a tad colder than before, “So, you can leave now. I will not break the rules for you.”

“Lady Chu!” Getting up from her seat immediately, Yu Rong looked very anxious in her eyes: “This child is a stubborn one so unless the Flower Brothel handles him….”

“Someone come, send our customer away!”

After leaving behind this sentence, Lady Chu swiftly walked out of the private room and out the Flower Brothel. As soon as she did so, she made sure to keep an extra eye out for her own back to make sure none was tailing her. Determining its safe, only then did she make her way to a certain old manor in the city.

As lady fate would have it, she ends up bumping into the one she seeks right outside the gate – which was Hualuo, the head of the Flower Brothel.

“Lady Chu pays her greeting to Head,” she hurriedly made a small curtsy as a form of respect.

Finding how rushed her subordinate was in coming over, Hualuo’s brow inexplicably curled into a knot: “You came to see me?”

“Yes Head, Yu Rong visited me just now, and she…. also brought a portrait of the little master.”

In that second, Hualuo’s face instantly went darkly cold: “And then?”

Sell Bai Xiachen to the Flower Brothel? Just hearing this was enough to make her laugh from the heart’s down.

“She asked to see you as payment, but I rejected her offer and came over right away to report this to you.” Telling the truth, Lady Chu was still slightly huffing in her voice due to how fast she walked over here.

“Don’t worry about it, just keep tabs on that shameless woman like before. If there’s any movement, report it to me immediately. With the wisdom of the little master, the Bai family can forget about succeeding against him!”

Stunned by the instruction, Lady Chu started to grumble with a hint of discontent and sourness in her voice: “Head, when can I stop doing this task? Dealing with that disgusting woman everyday will make me go crazy at this rate!”

Since the day she got close to Yu Rong as per ordered, the disgusting woman had constantly tried to bridge a link between her Bai family and the Flower Brothel. After being annoyed more than five times a day, she in the end had to make up an excuse and say she’s too low standing to achieve such a favor. Only like that did the pesky fly stop having wishful thoughts….


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