Overturning the Heavens chapter 113

Chapter 113 “”Lady Chu”

“Idiot!” The old lady’s voice turned into a scolding one, “Bai Zheng Xiang wants to make a connection with the Flower Brothel so do you think he will still blame you after we finish the deed? Now, don’t worry about your husband and go coax that little boy to follow us there.”

“If it’s really not possible…” Beaming a cruel light, “Then we can force it.”

“Force it?” Yu Rong slightly wrinkled her brow, “But we still don’t know if the Flower Brothel will take the boy. Let me first draw up a portrait so the other side can have a look. If they say yes, then we can have the Flower Brothel come take him away instead.”

This way around, the matter will have nothing to do with themselves, leaving Bai Yan with no recourse to turn to.

If she has the ability, she can always go to the Flower Brothel herself for her son.

But would she dare?

“With this kid’s appearance, the Flower Brothel will definitely agree.”

Moreover, this kid is still the Bai family’s blood. He can’t say no even if he wanted to!

“Mother,” Yu Rong smiled. “I happened to by chance meet a person some time ago. Take a guess who she is?”

Speaking up to here, the woman then pauses to build up the suspense: “She is a member of the Flower Brothel. Even if the woman is only a pimpstress there, but its good enough for us to build up a relationship to get what we want. I intend to seek her out first. If she agrees, then the matter will be settled.”

In reality, there’s a reason why she would be so brazen like so because its well known the Flower Brothel would never sell out their customers identity.

What’s more, even if Bai Yan finds out the truth, what can she do with her strength?

Old Madam Yu’s eyes lit up: “Go look for her immediately! Once this is complete, I’m certain your husband will be grateful to you!”

Use Bai Yan’s son to hook up with the Flower Brothel, what a good deal!

Not bothering to waste her breath anymore, Yu Rong went ahead to disguise herself before going out.

If this was before, she wouldn’t need to go through so much trouble to visit an establishment. However, due to the news of her openly stripping in front of the public spreading across the city, she now fears being recognizing by anyone she knew.


Red light district, a place where various women are busy waving their handkerchief to welcome possible patrons of their business.

Normally, the brothels here would target a specific gender for their clients, but this was not the case for the Flower Brothel. They will service both men and woman regardless of their taste.

Even so, the female gender of this country was more self-conscious in their attitude. Basically, most woman wouldn’t try to seek out a male prostitute.

Therefore, when everyone saw Yu Rong entering the lobby, the guests and ladies here were all quite surprised by her entry.

“Ohoho, are you here to look for excitement?” Swaying left and right with her hip, a woman as beautiful as a flower comes over to greet her, “We have everything here, especially the young girl we got a few days ago. Everyone who tried her would always say she’s first-rate. May I know what your interests are, male or female? Or would you like to try both at the same time?”

Yu Rong frowned as a flicker of disgust leaked out of her eye. Deliberately lowering her voice: “Lady Chu, its me. I’ve come to seek your help.”

Making a surprised look, the one called Lady Chu gasped, “It’s you?”

“Can we talk inside?” Yu Rong’s voice was very low as her eyes scanned the surroundings with vigilance.

Smiling seductively, “Alright, come with me then.”

Hearing this, Yu Rong finally exhaled a sigh of relief because this would be her chance to get close to those elders and guardians of the Flower Brothel.


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